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AMD pulls the plug on Anti-Lag+, for now

AMD has removed Anti-Lag+ altogether from its latest Radeon drivers, but is actively working with developers to restore the feature as soon as possible.

The AMD logo floats against a nebulous red backdrop, with key art for Counter-Strike 2 below it

Playing your favorite FPS games should be a seamless process if you have the hardware to run them, but this unfortunately hasn’t been the case recently for those with AMD Radeon GPUs. Ongoing issues with AMD Anti-Lag+ have become so severe that they have now prompted team red to take drastic action via a new driver update.

For those out of the loop, AMD Anti-Lag+ has been blamed for recent ban reports in Counter-Strike 2, Apex Legends, and other competitive shooters. Now, team red is temporarily pulling the plug on the technology, outright removing it in its new Adrenalin Edition 23.10.2 graphics card drivers.

Screenshot from the AMD official Twitter (X) page, on an orange background.

Posting to its official AMD Radeon Twitter (X) page, AMD shared an update, stating that it has received “reports of some games triggering anti-cheat bans on gamers when AMD Anti-Lag+ is enabled on Radeon graphics.”

While this is only a short-term fix, AMD has iterated on the driver’s release notes that it’s “actively working” with game developers to find a solution so that it can re-enable Anti-Lag+. Along with helping reinstate players who have been impacted by the anti-cheat bans, AMD will post more information when it’s made available.

If you’re concerned about playing your favorite FPS games because of your AMD Anti-Lag+, you can download these new drivers from the AMD website. There, you’ll find the full release notes for Adrenalin Edition 23.10.2 too.

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