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New FSR 3 mod brings AMD frame generation to all DLSS 3 games

The ongoing fight for frame generation supremacy continues as a modder brings FSR 3 support to any DLSS 3 game in latest development.

fsr3 added tod dlss 3 games

After AMD released the FSR 3 source code, it was only a matter of time before modders got to work. The first major release on the back of this comes from Nukem9. They have created a mode that allows for FSR 3 to be implemented into any game that already offers DLSS 3 Frame Generation.

Nvidia‘s DLSS 3 tech is tied to its best graphics card-topping RTX 40-series GPUs while AMD‘s FSR 3 is not bound by such restrictions. The primary benefit of this FSR 3 mod is that it now allows Nvidia RTX users who don’t own a 40-series card, to experience a boost to their frames.

The source code for FSR 3 has only been available for a week, so the modding community wasted no time at all getting to work. Nukem9’s mod can be found on Nexus Mods alongside detailed instructions on how to download it.

In short, it appears to be as simple as running a program to disable Nvidia’s signature hardware checks, then copying over a file rather hilariously named “dllsg_to_fsr3_amd_is_better.dll” alongside a separate .dll into the desired game installation directory.

Now, in any game that supports DLSS 3 Frame Generation, regardless of the graphics card you are using, the option will be enabled. While the performance benefits may only be marginal, this is more a showcase of what can be achieved with open-source software when it’s handed over to a very talented community.

DLSS 3 Frame Generation is supported on games like CyberPunk 2077, Alan Wake 2, Diablo IV, Starfield, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. When it was first announced, Nvidia stated that over 35 games would be compatible when DLSS 3 launched in October and some new releases have since been added to this list.

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It was recently revealed that Sony is also taking a crack at a DLSS-type solution for its next console while popular PC shooter CS2 has rejected the implementation of DLSS, but we believe that to be a good thing.