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This cherry blossom AMD graphics card is ideal for a Sakura PC build

The new PowerColor Hellhound RX 7800 XT Sakura Edition features pink and white lighting, with a matching PCB, cooler, and backplate.

PowerColor cherry blossom AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT Sakura graphics card

Sakura is rapidly becoming the new black when it comes to PC components, and PowerColor has just provided another pink and white option with a new cherry blossom graphics card. It’s a bit weird seeing the Hellhound mascot turned into a pink and white dog that still has sharp teeth, but we’re all for components that go beyond the standard black and gray color schemes.

As its name suggests, the new PowerColor Hellhound RX 7800 XT Sakura Edition is based on the AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT GPU. This great gaming GPU is listed on our best graphics card guide as our favorite option under $500, thanks to aggressive pricing from AMD, 16GB of VRAM, and seriously fast gaming performance for the price.

PowerColor cherry blossom AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT Sakura graphics card

PowerColor has gone all out on visual changes to the card, which features a white PCB under its cooler, with various pink details and accents peppering the fan shroud, as well as the backplate, including the Hellhound mascot with a pink logo and triangle sitting behind its head.

There’s no full rainbow RGB lighting available on this card either, with PowerColor making sure that the lighting fits the cherry blossom theme. Three LED fans cool the GPU, and you can set their lighting to either Pure White, Pink Blossom, or simply turn them off. A Limited Edition bundle is also up for grabs, which includes a graphics card support bracket to stop the end of the card drooping and bending when it’s installed in your case.

PowerColor cherry blossom AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT Sakura graphics card with support bracket

As with PowerColor’s normal Hellhound graphics cards, there’s a dual BIOS switch, enabling you to either overclock the GPU to give it a performance boost or run it at a lower clock speed to keep down fan noise. You get a decent overclock with the former mode too, with the game clock rising from the standard 2,124MHz to 2,213MHz on the PowerColor card – that’s a solid 89MHz boost.

This isn’t the first time PowerColor has produced a cherry blossom card either. Back in 2022, it also produced an RX 6650 XT Hellhound Sakura Edition graphics card as well. PowerColor hasn’t revealed how many of the new RX 7800 XT Sakura cards will be made, but it does say it will only be available in a “limited quantity.”

If you’re looking to put together a new rig with a cherry blossom theme, make sure you also read our full guide on how to build a gaming PC, where we take you through every step of the process.