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New AMD CPUs bring ludicrous single-core performance increase

With a 30-37% increase in single-core performance, AMD's new 8000G APUs are a huge improvement over previous 5000G models.

amd ryzen 8700g 8600g performance

Early benchmarks of the AMD Ryzen 8700G and 8600G have shown the upcoming AMD CPUs will provide a massive increase in per-core performance, bringing significant benefits for those seeking an all-in-one CPU with powerful integrated graphics.

The 8700G and 8600G are what AMD generally terms APUs, in that they’re accelerated processing units with very capable integrated graphics. Because of the extra complication of their more powerful graphics, they’ve tended to lag behind conventional best CPU options when it comes to using the latest CPU architecture, and so it is with the new 8000G lineup. These are the first of the company’s APUs to use its latest Zen 4 architecture, as used in the likes of the AMD Ryzen 7800X3D.

As a result of this architectural change, the step up in CPU performance from the currently-available 5000G series of APUs and the 8700G and 8600G is huge, at least according to test runs uploaded to the Geekbench site. Geekbench is a popular benchmarking program compatible with all manner of different computer systems and mobile devices, and it stores its results online for all to see.

The new Geekbench 6 runs were shared by X user @Olrak29_, who simply posted links to the test runs. From these numbers, we can see that with a single-core score of 2720, the 8700G is well over 35% faster than the 5700G, which scores just under 2000 points (depending on who’s uploaded test run you take as the baseline). Meanwhile, the 8600G’s single-core score of 2474 is around 30% faster than the 5600G.

amd ryzen 8700g 8600g geekbench performance

It’s not just single-core performance that sees big uplifts either, with the multi-core scores also seeing huge leaps of between 49% (5600G to 8600G) and 64% (5700G to 8700G).

Also set to improve greatly is integrated GPU performance, with the 8000G series chips expected to include new RDNA 3 architecture graphics, instead of the older RDNA 2 graphics of the 5000G series.

All told, if you’re at all in the market for a truly awesome mini gaming PC that can still deliver plenty of performance, the new AMD 8000G series of APUs are sure to be ones to look out for when they launch on January 31.

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