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New AMD laptop CPU to have more GPU power than RX 7600 XT, says leak

Latest rumor also shows the upcoming AMD Strix Halo chip with a chiplet design, containing up to 16 CPU cores with a 5.8GHz clock speed.

amd strix halo gpu rx 7600 xt

There’s a new purported leak of AMD’s upcoming laptop CPU range, called AMD Strix Halo, which shows the layout and some of the key specs of the upcoming all-in-one mobile chip. The main leak concerns speculation of the layout of the chip, but also reaffirms previously leaked information that the chip will have 40 RDNA compute units in its GPU, which is more than the 32 compute units in a desktop AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT graphics card.

Widely expected to offer a level of performance that could see AMD finally make a significant dent in the laptop market, and in turn find more products powered by its processors on our best gaming laptop list, AMD Strix Halo is a highly anticipated launch.

The new GPU of Strix Halo is expected to use the RDNA 3.5+ architecture, which is an extension of the current RDNA 3 architecture used in the company’s latest graphics cards, such as the Radeon RX 7800 XT and RX 7600 XT. The chief addition is expected to be some enhanced AI hardware, or NPU, rather than major graphics processing upgrades.

amd strix halo gpu package layout

Nonetheless, the sheer gaming horsepower that could be packed into Strix Halo is quite something. 40 RDNA compute units equates to 2,560 stream processors, 80 AI accelerators, and 40 ray accelerators. Again, all these numbers outclass the RX 7600 XT and come close to the power of the RX 7700 XT – a $400 standalone graphics card. As previously reported, this means the new AMD CPU beats the PS5 for GPU power.

On the CPU side, Strix Halo looks just as impressive, with the top tier variant of the chip reportedly set to include 16 cores running at up to 5.8GHz. That’s not quite up there with Intel’s 6.2GHz Core i9 14900KS desktop CPU, but it’s speedy for a mobile chip.

amd strix halo gpu package layout with lpddr5x memory

The new chip layout images have been generated by users of the chiphell forum after reportedly seeing images of the chip dies. As such, these are the estimated arrangement of the chiplets – the smaller silicon dies that are brought together onto a single package to form a single CPU or APU – with Strix Halo expected to have a single SoC die and two core chiplet dies (CCDs). The SoC will house the GPU, IO, memory controller, and other ancillary bits, while the CCDs contain the CPU cores, with each CCD packing in eight cores.

Some speculative performance charts have also been put together that show Strix Halo beating the likes of the Intel Core i9 14900HX for CPU performance, while competing with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060M and RTX 4070M for GPU performance.

As ever with leaks, this could all turn out to be not true, as AMD hasn’t confirmed any of these details so far, but the pattern of leaks regarding Strix Halo has been consistent so far, giving us fewer reasons not to believe the hype. The key question will be whether all this processing power can be delivered at once. Will thermal or power limitations reduce the potential performance, and how till battery life be affected?

While we wait to find out exactly what Strix Halo can do – expect to find out more at Computex 2024 in June – you can browse our current picks of the best gaming laptops in our comprehensive guide.