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AMD Zen 4 gaming CPUs could see a 20% IPC gain over Zen 3

AMD's next-generation processors will boast a pretty big gain, according to rumours

AMD Ryzen CPUs

While AMD’s Zen 4 chips won’t arrive until 2022, the rumour mill is now spinning at full speed, giving us some idea as to what we can expect compared to the current line-up of processors. Alongside corroborating previous rumours of the next generation, Moore’s Law is Dead suggests we’ll see a decent leap in performance, although maybe not as big as we’d originally hoped.

Initial whispers pointed towards a chonky 25% IPC gain over the current Zen 3 range, but the Youtuber’s sources revise this number to a more realistic 20%. That’s nearly identical to the 19% IPC jump when AMD introduced the Ryzen 5000 series, making this a potential trend for the red team. The flagship CPU is likely to pack 16 cores like the current generation, however 24 core designs are also possible.

When it comes to performance-per-watt, the video claims a 50% improvement for server-based processors. If this carries over to consumer chips, it could mean great news when overclocking these gaming CPUs using the best AIO cooler.

We’ll need to wait until sometime between July and September next year to find out, according to the video, as AMD will reportedly target a summer release. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether they’ll become the best gaming CPUs, though, as Intel Alder Lake is likely to land later this year.