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Here’s when the new AMD Zen 5 CPU specs are going to drop

AMD will be running a deep dive on the architecture of its next gen gaming CPU Zen 5 core at the Hot Chips conference in August 2024.

amd zen 5 deep dive hot chips 2024

AMD is set to give a deep dive into its new Zen 5 CPUs at the Hot Chips conference in August 2024, according to the show’s recent lineup reveal. While we’re still expecting the company to unveil its latest AMD Ryzen CPUs at Computex in June, it looks as though we’ll have to wait a couple more months to see what makes the new Zen 5 architecture tick.

While some might be a bit disappointed that the latest best gaming CPU contenders from AMD won’t be dropping straight after the expected Computex 2024 reveal, we’re still hoping to find out plenty of juicy details about the chips in the not-too-distant future.

This new development in the 2024 gaming CPU title race can be found in the schedule of the Hot Chips 2024 program. Here we can see that an entry for Tuesday, August 27, 2024 is listed as “AMD Next Generation ‘Zen 5’ Core”, under the “high performance processors” section of the day’s schedule. Given that these sorts of architecture explainer sessions tend to occur before a product is available to buy, this inherently pushes back the Zen 5 release date to after August 27 at the very least.

amd zen 5 deep dive hot chips 2024 schedule

Hot Chips is an in-depth industry conference dedicated to silicon chip production, where we tend not to see huge industry announcements but instead companies will go into detail in explaining aspects of their technology. For instance, last year’s event saw AMD provide a deep dive into its Zen 4 CPU architecture (from which the image above is taken), detailing the inner workings of its current CPUs. We can expect its Zen 5 session to offer similar insights.

This announcement also ties in with the latest details about the Intel Arrow Lake CPU launch, with the company having just confirmed that its latest gaming CPUs are on track for a Q4 2024 release, which means any time in the last three months of the year. It seems that while both companies are keen to build hype for their new processors as early as possible, with some sort of reveal at Computex, products won’t be available until much later this year.

All that said, previous AMD Zen 5 release rumors have suggested AMD will beat Intel to the punch on this round of CPU launches, with its chips expected to be available months before Intel’s. That’s still possible given the above news, but the window for that lead is shrinking.

While we wait to see just how this whole situation plays out, you can gear up for your next CPU upgrade by checking out our how to build a gaming PC guide and having a browse of our best gaming motherboard guide to see which board will best suit your future upgrades.