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American deauty: Kevin Spacey stars in Sledgehammer's CoD: Advanced Warfare

In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Spacey leads a Soldier of Fortune group, whatever one of those is.

What is next-gen? It’s a question publishers like Activision have no doubt wrestled with privately, all the while presenting a united front of mo-capped waterfalls and dynamic dog-fur in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Just in time, though, they’ve nailed it. Next-gen is Kevin Spacey, resuming his role as House of Cards’ Frank Underwood in everything but name and Carolina drawl.

He’s the chief antagonist of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Sledgehammer’s “labor of love” and first solo CoD, which a leak suggests is out on November 4. Here are the h-whys and h-whats of their take on near-future combat.

Spacey’s character runs a private military group that has betrayed the US government, as Tom Clancy has led us believe they are wont to do. Here, Spacey takes a long and comprehensive poop over the head of Western-installed democracy in conquered states.

Gosh: it looks like CoD finally has a compelling villain, and not just a vague Eastern European accent attached to an even vaguer ideology.

Advanced Warfare’s backdrop appears to build on the dronetastic near-future of Black Ops 2 - but adds a couple of extra hoverthings to its hover-roster. That exosuit looks like fun - but past form hasn’t led us to expect a freeform approach to features like scaling buildings.

“It’s great to finally be live,” said Sledgehammer studio head Glen Schofield this morning. “Thanks for waiting. Advanced Warfare is a labor of love, biggest and boldest thing we’ve ever created.”

Sledgehammer Games helped finish a floundering Modern Warfare 3, and its founders have Dead Space pedigree - but this will be their first solo project released in the wild to date. They now join Treyarch and Infinity Ward in a new three-studio annual CoD cycle

Do you dare to hope the new system will yield results? From us, it's a tentative h-yes.

Thanks, CVG and Destructoid.

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nu1mlock avatarNick Wilson avatarJeremy Peel avatarShriven avatarZeno avatar
Zeno Avatar
3 Years ago

It won't really matter how good the story, or the cast, is if they don't make some serious fundamental changes to the gameplay. Regardless of how different they may have looked, every Call of Duty game from Modern Warfare 3 on has felt exactly the same. The player character still feels just as floaty and insubstantial to control, and the gunplay is still feels like running around with airsoft guns. Most weapons that aren't shotguns or single shot limited rifles feel exactly the same, a bit like sitting behind a 1200 round-per-minute bullet hose. They could really try and learn from the example of games like Red Orchestra 2, where all of the weapons feel like they have real substance behind them.

nu1mlock Avatar
nu1mlock(6 hours played)
3 Years ago

Advanced Warfare? All it does is making me think about Ubisoft's Advanced Warfighter games. After watching the video, the name isn't the only thing that reminds me of those games.

Nick Wilson Avatar
3 Years ago

But it's Kevin Spacey! KEVIN SPACEY!!!

Jeremy Peel Avatar
3 Years ago

Thaaat's what I was thinking of. Advanced Warfighter was and is a stonking tactical-ish shooter.

Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

By Call of Duty developer logic. I predict that Kevin Spacey will play a character high up in the good guys, then it will turn out that he is the bad guy and has been under our noses the whole time... ya know... As the guys at CoD are so unoriginal.