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American Truck Simulator devs provide 18 screenshots of upcoming industrial buildings

I hope you're as excited as I am to receive 18 new screenshots of American Truck Simulator's Montana

A waste transfer station in American Truck Simulator's Montana DLC

I love looking at American Truck Simulator screenshots, because it means looking at an absurdly detailed recreation of the most mundane facets of American life. Today, the devs are bringing us an extensive look at the industries of the upcoming Montana DLC, including 18 bespoke screenshots of industrial buildings. This is legitimately very exciting for me.

The image you see above is of a waste transfer station, which the devs describe as “a building or processing site used for temporary deposition, consolidation, and aggregation of waste. This station is used for sorting of the waste to plastic, glass, or paper, and then all of these materials move on for recycling, or they return to different factories to be used in production.”

All these buildings serve as depots for you to pick up or drop off loads, and range from airports to talc factories, sugar plants, and landscape supply distributors. There is, sadly, no release date yet for the Montana DLC, but you can get a broad breakdown of all the industries in the developer’s full blog post.

As for me, I’m just going to be staring at these screenshots.

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