Among Us 2 was “only in planning mode” when it was scrapped

The cancelled Among Us 2 plans included bigger maps, a focus on roles, and imposters having to find weapons to kill crewmates with - but it never got far

Among Us 2 plans included a focus on roles, and being able to pick up items

Among Us developer Innersloth has revealed a few of its Among Us 2 plans for the scrapped sequel, which was stabbed in the back in 2020 to take the original game “to the next level.” Those plans include the expansion of roles and items to pick up, but Innersloth admits that development didn’t get “very far at all.”

In a recent Reddit AMA, the team behind Among Us at Innersloth answer fans’ questions about the game, from comments on the game’s cultural impact to whether cats will be coming as pets (probably, yes). However, the team also offer a few hints about the cancelled Among Us 2 and where that was headed.

“There’s tons of stuff left out,” explains Innersloth co-founder and Among Us designer Puffballs. They explain how the team’s goal was “changing the formula a bit,” with additions like being able to pick up items and “requiring the impostor to use a weapon to kill”. It would’ve had bigger maps too, but Puffballs admits all these changes “would’ve made the game a lot more complicated.”

However, when asked how far Innersloth got into developing Among Us 2 before it was cancelled, Puffballs confirms it was “not very far at all” and the game “was only in planning mode.” Fellow co-founder and programmer Fwfb adds that the team “didn’t really start at all” and were “pretty much just brainstorming what would need to go in to make Among Us 2 interesting.” Fwfb also adds that “roles was a big thing” in the sequel plans.

Nevertheless, Among Us 2 is gone and the original game is all the better for it. If you want to play an actual new Among Us game, Among Us VR is out this December.

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