Among Us costumes guide: how to unlock seasonal skins and outfits

Dress up your spaceman with these Among Us hats

Want to know how to unlock Among Us costumes? There are a wonderful array of Among Us free hats and accessories available, which adorn your little space bean as they cavort through the corridors – either on their way to a gruesome death, or in search of a hapless victim. If you’re looking to freshen up your Among Us outfit and try out a new style, you’ll notice you’ve now got access to Among Us Halloween hats, which are unlocked and available to all players – so you can pop a pumpkin on your head, stick a fake machete to your face (hopefully not tempting fate) or try your best to look innocent in a pair of devil horns.

These new Among Us Halloween styles will be unlocked automatically by logging into Among Us in the weeks coming up to Halloween itself, October 31. Among Us Halloween hats and costumes aren’t the only seasonal addition to Among Us; some of the Among Us maps – The Skeld and Mira HQ, to be precise – have been decorated in a Halloween theme.

You’ll find green goop dripping mysteriously from corners, gourds hanging out wherever they please, bats all over the walls, and bowls of candy spread throughout the maps. There’s even a cute little InnerSloth ghost hiding in a corner. If you’ve noticed people running around with witches’ hats atop their brightly coloured heads in previous weeks, chances are they used some time travel shenanigans to set their computers to the spooky season early. Though you’ll no longer stand out from the crowd with Among Us Halloween hats, there are more seasonal ensembles to unlock early using the same method – here’s how to get them.

Among Us Christmas hats

Among Us Christmas accessories aren’t available to equip right now – ‘tis not yet the season. But if you’re itching to don a pair of antlers, skip around the cafeteria with a Christmas tree on your head, or run through wintery Polus with a snowman perched atop your bonce, the good news is that you’re able to unlock them early by fiddling with your PC’s settings.

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You’ll need to trick the game into thinking it’s Christmas by manually changing your settings to a festive date in the past – December 23, 2019, for example. Open Among Us, and you’ll see your new selection of Among Us Christmas costumes waiting for you under the metaphorical tree. Remember to set your date back to today straight after you’ve obtained your goodies, lest your computer turn into a sack of coal, or something.

We’ll let you know if we discover any other free Among Us hats, or Among Us secrets you can unlock. Check out our Among Us impostor guide and Among Us crewmate guide to brush up your tactics – and next time you vote someone off the ship, remember to wish them Season’s Yeetings as they fly out of the airlock.

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