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Anime gave you free Game Pass, so now Game Pass gives you free anime

If Forza Horizon 5 wasn't enough, now Game Pass has anime

Crunchyroll's mascot enjoys some free Game Pass

Yesterday, Xbox’s Game Pass Twitter teased that it was going to get orange for the week. We were as disappointed as anyone to learn that this wasn’t a dream team PCGN-plus-Game Pass crossover, I guess anime is the next best thing. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members are getting a free 75 day trial to Crunchyroll. A perfect reciprocation for the time Crunchroll gave out free Game Pass.

Game Pass Ultimate is the $14.99 USD version of the service, which includes both PC and console games, Gold membership on Xbox Live, and access to EA Play. It also includes an array of ‘perks’, which include things like bonus content in games and free subscriptions to services like Disney+ and Spotify.

Now those perks include a 75 day trial for Crunchyroll’s premium mega fan plan, which includes the day one simulcasts and ad-free streaming of normal premium, plus offline viewing and access to four concurrent streams. Like most other Game Pass perks relating to third-party subscriptions, however, this is open only to new members.

But that’s enough of the sales pitch (you can sign up for Xbox Game Pass here, by the way). The real reason I’m writing this story is to share this trailer, which is perhaps the only time you’ll see Master Chief, the cast of Hades, and Fena: Pirate Princess sharing space in an AMV.

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Xbox Game Pass is lined up for a couple of big months, with access to Forza Horizon 5 already available, and the Halo Infinite release date coming up fast. And, of course, there are a fair few anime games there, too.