Anno 1800 DLC guide

Everything you need to know about every piece of Anno 1800 DLC released to date, as well as what's to come!

So, you want to know about Anno 1800 DLC? There’s a surprising amount of it. Publisher Ubisoft has recently announced a fourth season pass, this despite the developers claiming expansion content would stop at the end of the second season.

But hey, this is one of our favourite city-building games so if Ubisoft wants to make more expansions, we’re not going to say no. If only the Anno 1800 Steam version would come back, that would really make our day.

Anno 1800’s expansion content is mainly grouped into yearly season passes, of which there have been three so far (and the fourth on the way). There are also cosmetic-based expansions that released seperately. Each season pass contains three expansions, and you can buy the entire pass or just individual packs as you desire. By the time the fourth season ends at the end of 2022, this means there will be 12 main expansions. This means unless you’re happy just buying the pass and being done with it, you might need some help looking at what’s worth buying and what’s leaving for later.

Anno 1800 DLC

Here is a list of Anno 1800’s DLC to date:

  • Sunken Treasure (Season 1)
  • Botanica (Season 1)
  • The Passage (Season1)
  • Seat of Power (Season 2)
  • Bright Harvest (Season 2)
  • Land of Lions (Season 2)
  • Docklands (Season 3)
  • Tourist Season (Season 3)
  • The High Life (Season 3)
  • Season 4 content

Anno 1800 Season 1 Pass

Sunken Treasures

Comes with a new region called Cape Trelawney, which is a second Old World region consisting of several islands, including a big continental island. There’s a new storyline to go with this region, as well as a set of quests, and a new Salvager ship that pairs with a new diving system. You can also craft new items.

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This expansion mainly introduces the botanical garden, which works similar to zoos and museums, with sets adding specific fertility to the whole island. There’s also the music pavilion, along with new expeditions from the World Fair can help you obtain new items for both buildings. Finally, the DLC pack comes with 11 new botanical ornaments.

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The Passage

This introduces a new region called The Arctic, two new population tiers, and specific Arctic-themed buildings and mechanics that revolve around heat. Think of it as the Frostpunk DLC, except it’s themed on the North-West Passage.

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There is also a new monument which lets you construct invincible Airships, which also act as trade ships. There are also new items, and new sets for the Zoo and Museum.

Anno 1800 Season 2 Pass

Seat of Power

There is one main focus of this expansion, and that’s the new Palace building. It consists of one main section, and then modular additional sections where you can choose what to build and which policies to enact.

You can only have one Palace per game, but you can build a ‘local department’ on other Old World islands which act similarly to the Palace, but can only ever have one focus and one policy.

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Bright Harvest

This is an agricultural expansion that adds Silos, which are attached to animal farms and consume agricultural products to give a boost to the farm it is attached to. There’s also the Tractor Barn module for crop farms, which requires fuel to function. This fuel is delivered by the final new building, the fuel station. There is also a new upgrade tier for the oil harbour, which will upgrade it to a ‘grand’ oil harbour, and two sets of ornaments – 10 agricultural and 17 industrial.

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Land of Lions

Much like The Passage from Season 1, this introduces a brand new region themed on western Africa – Enbesa – with the savanna biome being dominant. This region is all about irrigation and ensuring the harsh, dry landscape remains fertile for crops.

There are also three new population tiers connected to the new region – Shepherds, Elders, and Scholars. There are also plenty of new buildings and production chains relevant to Enbesa itself, new DLC-specific items, a new monument, and new sets for the Zoo and Museum.

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Last but not least, there are four new story quests – a main story and three side quests. This is easily the best expansion released for the game to date, and has yet to really be beaten.

A shot of some very tall buildings from Anno 1800's High Life DLC

Anno 1800 Season 3 pass


Similar to the Seat of Power DLC, this one adds the titular Docklands which is another modular building. Building this also unlocks the import/export feature, which lets you further tailor your production so that you can overproduce one type of goods and then essentially exchange it for other types of goods. The amounts you get depend on the exchange rate.

This expansion also introduces a new trade ship, the World-Class Reefer – and a set of 25 harbour ornaments.

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Tourist Season

This adds a new population tour – unsurprisingly called tourists – which are a great source of income but require you to set up a dedicated micro-eco system. You will need to upgrade your public mooring to the new tourist mooring building, you’ll need to build hotels for them to live in, and then you’ll need to connect these to other destinations in your city via bus stops, and fulfil their needs with new food and drink venues.

There are also new manufactories that can make tourist-specific goods, and also enable new production chains. Finally, there is a set of 22 ornaments and a new story quest that you can explore as well.

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The High Life

Unlike the final expansions of the past two seasons, this one doesn’t introduce a new region. Instead, it focuses on the introduction of a new building type – skyscrapers.

These allow you to attract more investors and engineers, and the population living in these buildings will have additional needs that can be fulfilled by the three new shopping arcade-type buildings. This expansion also introduces a lot of new goods and production chains, multifactories, a new monument, and even a new questline.

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It’s worth noting that skyscrapers and the Skyline monument will require you to carefully manage your finances – these things can ruin your economy if you’re not careful.

Anno 1800 Season 4 pass

We don’t know all of the specifics of Anno 1800’s Season 4 DLC, but here’s what Ubisoft has confirmed so far:

  • Season four will have three new expansions releasing across 2022
  • Last season focused on the Old World, so Season 4 will flesh out the New World in a similar way
  • There won’t be a new session
  • There will be at least one new scenario with each Season 4 pack, to coincide with the return of scenarios generally to the game

The dev team has mentioned it is aware of the building space issues with the New World, and this will factor heavily in its plans for Season 4’s DLC. The full details on Season 4 will be revealed in March 2022.

Anno 1800 DLC – Cosmetic and Content packs

There have been several cosmetic content packs released for Anno 1800 in and around the larger season pass content. These typically add either new ornament sets, or new skins. Here is a list of all of the cosmetic packs released to date:

  • Holiday Pack
  • Amusements Pack
  • City Lights Pack
  • Vehicle Liveries
  • Pedestrian Zone
  • Vibrant Cities
  • Planet a Tree

There is also another cosmetic pack coming in February 2022.

We’ll keep this guide updated with further information on Anno 1800 DLC as it comes through.