Anno 2205 video shows off handy modular buildings

Anno 2205 video

Adding smaller buildings to pre-existing buildings gets me hot under the collar. I love a bit of modular construction in my management and building games. I even liked it in SimCity. The feature has made its way to Anno 2205 as well, and a new video breaks down how it works. 

Take a look at our Anno 2205 hands-on preview for a more in-depth look at the game. 

The modules make it easier to get more out of buildings, reducing the need to construct brand new ones when demand increases. Anno 2205’s citizens are a needy bunch, but they don’t need a whole new factory every time they get thirsty for more fruit juice.

The wrinkle is that, when placing buildings, you’re going to have to think about how they will expand in the future, and make space accordingly. The modules require special resources as well, and they can’t just be harvested like regular resources.

An earlier video explained another new feature, the interesting multi-session gameplay, so why not take a look at that as well.