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AOC just made the ultimate racing sim gaming monitor

With its massive 45-inch screen, OLED image quality, 240Hz refresh rate, and tight 800 inch radius curve, this display is ideal for racing.

aoc agon pro ag456uczd 01

AOC has just unveiled the Agon Pro AG456UCZD, a new OLED gaming monitor designed to be the ideal panel for fans of racing games, as well as offering plenty of benefits to other gamers too.

The secret sauce to AOC‘s new best gaming monitor contender is that it combines a massive ultrawide 45-inch screen size, for a huge panoramic view, with a tight 800-inch (800R) radius, which makes for a really compelling wraparound view, without the need for multiple monitors. What’s more, it also combines a rapid 240Hz refresh rate with the ultrafast (0.03ms) response time of OLED tech, so it should provide all the performance you’ll need for a smooth ride and lightning quick reactions.

The monitor has all the usual top-tier color specs you’d expect from a modern OLED gaming screen, including 100% coverage of the sRGB color space and 98.5% of the DCI-P3 (CIE 1976) color space. The latter means this panel should provide super saturated colors that will be able to deliver on the most demanding HDR standards.

Likewise, with a massive peak brightness of 1,000 nits (in small areas), this panel should be able to provide a dazzling display even in more well-lit environments.

The panel is Nvidia G-Sync compatible and supports adaptive sync to eliminate tearing and stuttering. Meanwhile, connection options include a DisplayPort 1.4 input, along with a 4-port USB 3.2 hub, and a USB-C port with 90 W Power Delivery. There’s also a KVM switch feature for seamless multi-device control.

All this and the panel looks rather smart, from what we can tell from AOC’s images, though that elegant V-shaped silver stand looks like it will take up a lot of desk space – a monitor arm/wall mount/racing rig mount could be vital for installation, depending on your setup.

One of the key reasons why the AOC Agon Pro AG456UCZD is particularly good for racing sim setups, and perhaps less appealing for broader gaming use, is that it houses a WQHD (3,440 x 1,440) resolution, which is relatively low for such a large screen.

This would make for an image that isn’t amazingly sharp for normal desktop viewing distances, in turn making it not great for general work or more closeup gaming experiences. However, if it’s set up in a racing rig – or on your desk with your racing wheel on the front edge of the desk – the extra viewing distance means the loss of sharpness is far less of a factor.

AOC provided the panel to one of the esports teams that it sponsors, with team members describing it as “such an immersive monitor that I can’t leave the game anymore.” The team also stated that “despite being ultra-wide, the AGON PRO AG456UCZD provides very clear visuals and stunning colors. True-to-life colors are essential for a prolonged gaming experience that’s not to be hard on the eyes”

The team is really enthusiastic about the monitor’s impact on racing games, in which they noted several of the display’s features. “There’s no delay with an insane 240Hz refresh rate,” says the team, “no washed-out colors when picking out pixel-perfect braking points, thanks to the gorgeous OLED panel. And blue light filters protect your eyes even in the longest of race stints.” Given these thoughts all come from an AOC-sponsored team, though, take them with a least a pinch of salt.

The AOC Agon Pro AG456UCZD is out now, priced at $1,399.84 (£1,129.99). That’s a high price, but it’s reasonable considering the cutting-edge OLED tech and large panel size that’s on offer. If that price is a little high, though, you can get an even bigger panel for under $900  with this Samsung 240Hz monitor deal right now.