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Apex Legends cross-progression and gifting are in the works at Respawn

Apex Legends' cross-progression system (or therein lack of) has always been contentious, but Respawn have revealed they are working on adding the feature


Apex Legends‘ cross-progression issues and lack of gift system have long since been a bone of contention – but they may not be for much longer. At a Season 14 press event, design director Evan Nikolich stated that the team at Respawn is working on adding gifting to the game, while also confirming that cross-progression is still being addressed.

When asked about gifting, Nikolich responded by saying, “Yes, so that’s something we are working on right now… something we’ve been trying to get in the game.” This isn’t exactly a simple task, though, especially since the game has a currency system involving real money. He elaborates on that point, stating that “It’s a more complex issue than handing a gift; we want to make sure we do it fairly.”

There’s no timetable for when gifting will become a feature in Apex Legends, but, at the very least, we know it’s being worked on as we speak.

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In a Reddit AMA last year, Respawn’s Director of Communications, Ryan Rigney, said that cross-progression would be coming to the game in 2022. Since then, not many details have been revealed regarding the feature.

These days, almost any new info about cross-progression will sound like good news to players who have, at any point, jumped from one platform to another. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more to share this time around, other than the fact that cross-progression is difficult to implement.

“It is a very technically complex problem,” Nikolich said. “Our game wasn’t built, from the foundation, to address cross-progression. But I hear you — I want cross-progression… it’s something that we definitely are working on and want to get in sooner than later.”

Once again, there’s no concrete date for when cross-progression will be added, but just knowing that it’s still being actively worked on will be enough to put some minds at ease as the battle royale moves forward into its next season.