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Apex Legends battle pass and roadmap: all the latest details

Wondering how seasons work in Respawn’s battle royale? Here’s when you can expect new legends, guns, and skins

Apex legends road map battle pass

The Apex Legends roadmap came about just as swiftly as the battle royale itself. Respawn has wasted very little time in kitting out Apex Legends with features, an esports tournament, and a firm plan of content for the coming year at launch. It’s a good thing, too – Epic Games has taught us that a well-implemented battle pass can keep players engaged while ensuring the game montatises effectively. On top of that, a solid drive of player-spending means that Fortnite and Apex Legends can pull off being free-to-play. While PUBG initially started as a premium game, it also got in on the battle pass trend later on in the game’s life cycle.

Going on that, it’s wise if not unsurprising that Respawn already has a plan in action for Apex Legends. The game currently has nine Legends, more than 20 Apex Legends weapons, and a swathe of cosmetics, and now a battle pass. As such, we’ve gotten a glimpse of Apex Legends gameplay, aesthetic, and world, and are now starting to see the kind of challenges the battle pass will pose to players.

Respawn has already said that its battle pass is an evolving thing, so how it currently works certainly may not be how it’ll always work. That was mentioned in response to fan outcry on Reddit as many deem the first battle pass dull. That said, now that Season One has kicked off we know what base the Titanfall 2 developer is working from. Here you’ll find everything we know about the present and future of the battle pass based on the game’s roadmap.

Apex Legends battle pass release date

The Season One Apex Legends Battle Pass released March 19, 2019 at 10:00AM Pacific Time. That came from Respawn itself, which posted the news to the official Apex Legends Twitter account.

Some thought the battle pass would launch March 12 after a leak gained momentum after an update to Origin put the Battle Pass announcement up prematurely on the same day. Unfortunately, a rep went on to clarify that the information was false but fans can expect an update “very soon”.

Respawn’s next go at the battle pass will come with the start of Season Two in June. While the last battle pass came out on the 19th it can’t guaranteed that the next one will be June 19th, but who knows?

Apex Legends battle pass details

The Battle Pass costs 950 Apex coins, which sets you back $10 USD. If you want to level up your Battle Pass even faster,  you can pick up the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins, which unlocks the next 25 Battle Pass levels and their rewards automatically. There are over 100 battle pass rewards to earn over 100 reward tiers, which include skins for Lifeline, Wraith, and Mirage alongside weapon skins, banner frames, and XP boosts. On top of that, there is also an evolving skin for the Havoc, which gains glowing red eyes and smoking nostrils the more kills you get. If you want to get this, however, you’ll need to rank the battle pass all the way up to 100.

The free rewards include one Wild Frontier Legend skin and 18 Wild Frontier stat trackers. You can also grab five Apex Packs, which drop random cosmetics or craft materials. Whether or not you’ve bought the battle pass, anyone can earn these items for free by playing over the course of the season.

We’re set to find out more about Season 2 of Apex Legends at EA Play in June. Until then, Apex Legends executive producer Drew McCoy confirms we’ll see a “Battle Pass with more meaningful content, the introduction of a new Legend” and “the debut of a new weapon”. To round things off, he also teases map changes to Kings Canyon, and an experience that recongnise’s fan’s feedback from Season 1.

Apex legends road map

Apex Legends roadmap 2019

There will be three more seasons throughout the year, and the next will be in June. Season One has given us our first taste of the Apex Legends battle pass and introduced more legends, weapons, and loot. As Respawn has confirmed, the other seasons will do so, too.

Each season is three months in length and the second will kick-off in June, the third in September, and the fourth in December. Each one of these will also bring in additional legends, weapons, and loot. A new battle pass will also be introduced at the start of each new season.

The season-specific battle pass will appear most familiar to Fortnite players, and it looks likely that Apex Legends will follow an astonishingly similar rhythm.

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And there you go, roughly what to expect from the Apex Legends battle pass and the full Apex Legends roadmap. If you’re happy to bide your time by honing your skills at the game, though, then our Apex Royale tips guide may give you an edge. If you’re still iffy about who you would like to main then our Apex Legends characters guide has a couple of suggestions for who you should check out. Apex Legends is very much enjoying some early game hype right now due to some fantastic gameplay, but only time will tell if Respawn and EA can hang on to that playerbase through the battle pass.