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Apex Legends Roadmap: when to expect new legends, guns, and skins from Respawn’s battle pass

Wondering how seasons work in Respawn’s battle royale? Here’s when you can expect new legends, guns, and skins

Apex legends road map battle pass

The Apex Legends roadmap came about just as swiftly as the battle royale itself. Respawn has wasted very little time in kitting out Apex Legends with features, an esports tournament, and a firm plan of content for the coming year at launch. It’s a good thing, too – Epic Games has taught us that a well-implemented battle pass can keep players engaged while ensuring the game montatises effectively. On top of that, a solid drive of player-spending means that Fortnite and Apex Legends can pull off being free-to-play. While PUBG initially started as a premium game, it also got in on the battle pass trend later on in the game’s life cycle.

Going on that, it’s wise if not unsurprising that Respawn already has a plan in action for Apex Legends. While the game currently has eight Legends, more than 20 Apex Legends weapons, and a swathe of cosmetics, a full battle pass won’t be coming until March. As such, while we’ve gotten a glimpse of Apex Legends gameplay, aesthetic, and world, we’ve yet to see what the battle royale will play when it hits its stride with seasonal updates.

Details are currently thin as there is only an image from Respawn’s initial reveal to go on. However, as the Titanfall developer has learnt and adapted from previous battle royales, we can catch a glimpse of what is likely to come. Here in this guide, you’ll find the facts as we know them and what’s expected to come after that.

Apex legends road map

Apex Legends roadmap 2019

There will be four seasons in total for the year, and the first will arrive in March. Season One will give us our first taste of the Apex Legends battle pass and will also introduce more legends, weapons, and loot to equip yourself.

Each season will be three months in length and the second will kick-off in June, the third in September, and the fourth in December. Each one of these will also bring in additional legends, weapons, and loot. A new battle pass will also be introduced at the start of each new season.

The season-specific battle pass will appear most familiar to Fortnite players, and it looks likely that Apex Legends will follow a similar rhythm. Players can buy Fortnite’s Battle Pass at the start of each season for 950 Fortnite V-Bucks, which sets you back $10 as you have to buy the 1,000 V-Bucks bundle. What you get, though, is a series of cosmetics that can either be unlocked through experience gained by playing the game or through completing challenges. While we can’t say how much Respawn will stick to Epic’s structure or how it will deviate, we believe it will follow a similar rhythm as a means to keep Apex Legends monetising well and player’s attention held.

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And there you go, roughly what to expect from the Apex Legends battle pass and the full Apex Legends roadmap. If you’re happy to bide your time by honing your skills at the game, though, then our Apex Royale tips guide may give you an edge. If you’re still iffy about who you would like to main then our Apex Legends characters guide has a couple of suggestions for who you should check out. Apex Legends is very much enjoying some early game hype right now due to some fantastic gameplay, but only time will tell if Respawn and EA can hang on to that playerbase.