Apex Legends could get a loss forgiveness system for players “impacted by cheaters”

"We are currently looking into what we can do for players that have had their game impacted by a cheater"

Apex Legends' Mirage in a pirate outfit

Most FPS games that require a decent level of aim to succeed have seen their fair share of cheaters, especially those that are played in a competitive setting. Apex Legends is no different, and developer Respawn has previously peeled back the curtain to reveal who it’s swinging the ban hammer at.

In a new video series called Respawn Responds, though, the topic of cheating came up once more. Apex Legends design director Jason McCord explains that it can be tricky to chat about what you’re doing to combat cheaters. After all, why would you let them know what you’re up to?

There were, however, a few things that he could share this time around regarding players who meet cheaters in their games. “We are currently looking into what we can do for players that have had their game impacted by a cheater,” he says. “This might look something like retroactive loss forgiveness where you’ll get your RP back if we find that you had a cheater in your ranked match.”

McCord explains that the team is also looking into adding a feature that lets you know if someone you report ends up being banned. It reminds me of Overwatch a bit, with the point of it being a reminder that steps are being taken to combat cheating.

Respawn is also ramping up efforts against players who directly benefit from people who are boosting them through using cheats. McCord says that the team can already detect this, but it requires lots of manual tracking. Things are getting streamlined, though, so things should get better on that front.

If you’d like to see the video for yourself, you can check it out below:

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