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How does crafting work in Apex Legends?

Crafting is coming to Apex Legends Season 6, Boosted

How does crafting work in Apex Legends? The introduction of Season 6: Boosted in Apex Legends has come with an entirely new concept for players to get their heads around – crafting. This new addition to the game aims to make the looting part of the battle royale game a little less arduous and less annoying when you simply can’t find the resources you need.

The new loot option is part of the Apex Legends Season 6, known as Boosted. As well as crafting, the new season also gets a brand-new Legend called Rampart, who just so happens to be an expert modder.

Rampart’s talents directly correlate with modifying weaponry, so it makes sense that crafting has made its way into the game, too. Players won’t just be collecting weapons, ammo, and grenades anymore, as materials are going to be crucial to improving your arsenal and helping you on your way to a win. Here’s how the new crafting system works.

How does crafting work in Apex Legends?

If you’ve played Call of Duty: Warzone, then the crafting mechanic is a little like the buying mechanic in that. You pick up crafting materials from bright orange canisters with blue-green liquid inside. Collect this crafting material, and hold onto it until you find what’s called a Replicator.

Once at the Replicator, you can access a crafting menu, showing you eight crafting options and prices for each. You can pick up nearly anything from Replicators, from health to weapon ammo, to guns, and sights. You name it, it could pop up as a craftable item. Depending on the day, the items you can build will change, but there will always be a wide variety of loot.

Once you’ve picked what you want, press the craft button and you’ll be kicked out of the menu. Wait a little bit and the Replicator will construct your order and you can be on your way. Replicators have no limit on the number of times they can be used, however hanging around one too long is just an accident waiting to happen. They might be covered by sneaky snipers or a team might come barreling towards you, all wanting a turn on the Replicator.

And that’s how the new crafting system in Apex Legends works! It’s pretty simple once you know how they operate. Just keep an eye out for the loot you’ll find each day and even if you can’t find the items you want when galavanting across King’s Canyon, at least you have a good backup method to stay alive.