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Apex Legends’ Final Fantasy death box costs $300

The new Apex Legends Final Fantasy event's "insanely low" drop rates mean that the One-Winged Angel cosmetic will cost around $300 to unlock

Apex Legends' Final Fantasy death box costs $300: An anime drawing of an Asian man wearing a black outfit holding a huge black sword on an electrical background

Apex Legends fans aren’t happy about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event. Starting on January 9, the battle royale’s newest event features the iconic Buster Sword from Final Fantasy, along with Materia-based power ups that recover hp, create sparks of lightning, and unleash a very aggressive Nessie on the enemy. But, as we all know, the new cosmetics are at the heart of the events – and this time they’re on the pricier side.

36 new Final Fantasy-themed cosmetics will debut in Apex Legends, including a Moogle-inspired skin for Wattson, a Barret Wallace-inspired look for Newcastle (with a matching Spitfire skin), a Yuffie-inspired skin for Valkyrie, a Horizon outfit that dresses her just like Aerith with a coordinated skin for the Charge Rifle, one for Wraith which makes her look a lot like Tifa , and, finally one dedicated to Crypto inspired by the iconic protagonist of FFVII, Cloud.

At the core of the battle royale game’s new event, however, there’s the Buster Sword R5, a Universal Mythic Melee Cosmetic that, unlike the Takeover’s mode-specific Buster Sword R2R5, has no gameplay abilities and can be equipped in place of your heirloom or fists.

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The only way to get this cosmetic, however, is through event-specific loot boxes, each with less than a 1% chance of dropping it every time one is opened.

There’s another skin that also looks cool, though: the One-Winged Angel Death Box. This cosmetic decorates the crate a Legend leaves behind when they die and adds visual and sound effects.

To get it, players must acquire all 36 cosmetics from the event, including the Buster Sword, which, due to its extremely low pull rate, requires more than $300 dollars worth of loot boxes, or the price of two full heirlooms, to have it guaranteed.

An ornate death box from Apex Legends with a wing on it

One X (formerly Twitter) user points out another Final Fantasy-themed activity that fans could do for the same price. “For the same amount of money, I could fly out to San Francisco and see a collection of Final Fantasy music performed live, including One Winged Angel.”

Now, the community on Reddit is urging players to not buy event packs (the specific loot boxes of this event) to discourage Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts from implementing these aggressive monetization practices in the long term.

If you’re still going to try your luck at getting these new cosmetics, why not check out our Apex Legends tier list for the best Legends to use. Alternatively, if you’re looking for some cheaper cosmetics, we have a rundown of all of the different Apex Legends skins.

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