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Apex Legends ranked: the best Legends to make you a champion

Stuck between playing Bloodhound, Bangalore, or Wraith? Our Legends guide will help you pick

Which one of Apex Legends’ legends is the best? Respawn’s battle royale boasts an eclectic cast of characters with contrasting personalities that inform their skill sets. Pathfinder is a quippy, happy-go-lucky robot with a dry sense of humour and a handy zip-line to help his team out of a corner. Caustic, on the other hand, is a psychopath whose passion for poisons pushes people away.

Learning the unique moveset of each Legend and how they all interact with each other is the biggest challenge you’ll face when getting acquainted with Apex Legends. As Lifeline, you need to become a reliable outlet for healing, while Wraith’s ability to move her team through portals can see you turn the tide of a battle. Some Legends also work well together – Bloodhound’s ability to highlight the position of nearby enemies gives you the advantage should Bangalore use her smoke canister.

But which hero is worth picking up and which Legend should you avoid for now? Respawn has done a great job in balancing the Legends from the start, so none of them are without merit. That said, some have edged ahead of others. But fear not, our convenient ordering of Apex Legends’ Legends will factor in movesets, team synergies, and weaknesses to rank each Legend from best to worst.

apex legends legends best ranked bloodhound


The crow-bearing mercenary is one of the most mysterious characters in Apex Legends. But there’s no doubt that Bloodhound has emerged as an early favourite among top and casual players alike.

Bloodhound’s kit is all about spotting and tracking the enemy. Their passive allows them to see the tracks left behind by enemies, while their tactical ability briefly reveals where enemies are positioned. Then there’s Bloodhound’s ultimate ability, which enhances the effectiveness of those other abilities, while also improving the hunter’s movement speed.

These abilities are useful to players of all kinds: hardened pros use them to help calculate targeted attacks, while newcomers can feel safer while exploring unfamiliar parts of the map. When fights spark out of nowhere, descending into frantic exchanges of fire, Bloodhound’s abilities can restore a sense of order to the chaos.

apex legends legends best ranked bangalore


As an exceptional soldier, Bangalore boasts a robust kit that makes her a good starter pick for anyone used to relying on firing a hail of bullets to come out on top.

Bangalore’s passive ability makes her sprint quicker for a brief time when taking fire – good for a quick getaway. But it’s her tactical ability that proves the most handy tool. Activate it and she launches a smoke grenade that obscures your team’s advance or retreat. Her ultimate ability calls in an airstrike that slowly creeps across your target destination – useful to split teams up or to force them out of camping.

Bangalore is a great pick if someone in your team is playing as Bloodhound. Throw a smoke screen across the landscape to hide from the enemy and then Bloodhound can use their ability to locate your foe behind the smog.

apex legends legends best ranked lifeline


Lifeline in the best healer in Apex Legends. You may see less of her at higher levels of play as tactics evolve beyond tight team formations, but Lifeline isn’t a pick you should sleep on.

Lifeline’s passive ability allows her to revive teammates faster while putting up a shield to protect them. She also uses healing items 25% quicker than other Legends. Her tactical ability sees her deploying a healing drone that heals nearby friendlies. Build her ultimate up and she can call in a care package stocked with high-tier protective gear.

Lifeline will suit team players best – those who want to avoid the frontlines, supporting the squad from the back. She isn’t a good pick for anyone who wants to rack up kills but that doesn’t mean you can’t shred with her if you’re a dab hand with a gun. And if you’re truly gifted then you could always try dropping a care package on top of enemy players to score a kill.

apex legends best legends octane


This adrenaline junkie fits into Apex Legends’ roster like a hand in a glove as he’s all about flanking at breakneck speed with his mobility buff. That personality informs his skill set, which is just as welcoming to new players as it is to pros.

Octane’s passive and tactical ability work in tandem with each other. The former gradually restores your health over time while the latter will give you a speed boost at the expense of health. Get the balance right here, and you’ll be zipping in for that crucial flank one moment, and healing up the next as you wander off and bask in your wet work. The best is saved for last, though. Octane’s ultimate move throws a launch pad down that lets you catapult up and forward. The injection of mobility helps you get to harder to reach places and, which is handy for surprising the enemy.

The potential for YouTube-worthy plays is plain to see. While his tactical ability takes off a portion of his health, it’s reasonably forgiving and won’t hamper new players who wish to give him a go.

apex legends legends best ranked wraith


Interdimensional skirmisher Wraith is undoubtedly cool to use but her tool kit takes some getting used to. She’s not recommended for complete beginners.

Wraith’s passive ability is a voice from the void that gives warning when an enemy is aiming at her. Her tactical ability is where Wraith starts to get hard to master. It allows her to go invisible and avoid damage for a short amount of time. It’s easy to use this in a panic and emerge in a worse position than the one you left, especially as you can’t see the enemy team while invisible.But get to grips with that and you can become an unpredictable assassin.

Wraith’s ultimate allows her to place a portal that can teleport the entire squad to a position of her choosing. This also takes a while to figure out as bad portal placement can wreck your entire team in seconds. It’s best to have a good working knowledge of Apex Legends before you start playing around with dimensional rifts. But get it right and you can force enemies to throw themselves off a cliff.

apex legends legends best ranked pathfinder


While Pathfinder is the second medic you’ll find in Apex Legends he’s unusual in that his skill set is more about traversal than healing. It can prove handy to newer players looking to learn the map, and is undoubtedly fun to use, but his methods of quick escape don’t often add much to higher level play.

Pathfinder’s passive ability allows him to scan survey beacons to reveal the next location of the ring. It’s useful but may not be truly worthwhile until the later stages of a match.

His tactical ability allows him to fire a grappling hook that can whisk him away to higher places. The hook can also be used to pull enemies in closer, but watch out – if you miss there’s a chance you’ll end up dragging yourself towards them, and you’ll probably be outnumbered.

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability allows him to set-up a zip line that can take him and his team to far away locations. It’s best used to close the distance between your team and another, or to quickly escape the ring. Just don’t let anyone see you as you’re an easy target while travelling through the air.

apex legends legends best ranked mirage


This flashy trickster may be fun to use, irritating to come up against, but he’s not the most useful among Apex Legends’ legends. If you’re more of a solo player then Mirage may be the Legend that vibes most with you.

Mirage drops a decoy and cloaks himself for five seconds when knocked down by the enemy thanks to his passive ability. It can buy you a few seconds of survival but is futile should Bloodhound be nearby to scan for enemies. Mirage’s tactical ability allows him to send out a decoy that can distract the enemy and provide an opening to escape or charge. His ultimate is an expansion on this, as it springs a series of clones while he cloaks and gets away.

Mirage can be used to help a team but when compared to other Legends he’s more geared towards solo strategy. If that’s your preference then he’s a solid pick.


Caustic and his toxins are especially deadly in small spaces. However, he’s let down by a large hitbox, meaning he’s most effective when hiding and getting the drop on enemies.

Caustic’s passive allows him to see enemies through his poison gas attacks. It’s useful, but it would be better if his teammates were able to do so, too. His tactical ability allows him to place canisters that release harmful gas when shot or triggered by enemies. His ultimate ability enables him to cover a much larger area in toxic smoke.

Caustic thrives when up against teams held up inside. His gas canisters can even block doors and trap enemies inside – which has already led to several clips being shared on Reddit. However, for those with access to an exit or who can take the fight outside, Caustic is less threatening, especially as he’s such a big target.

apex legends legends best ranked gibraltar


The shielded fortress Gibraltar is easily breached due to being bigger and therefore easier to hit than the rest of the Legends, much like Caustic. He’s also best played with a team, either feeding off his defensive capabilities, or supporting his shielded charges on the enemy.

Gibraltar’s passive ability allows him to deploy a shield when aiming down sights. While that should alleviate some of the issues with his hitbox, it doesn’t offer him much protection against anyone who approaches him from the sides or from behind. As Apex Legends is a fast-paced game built on fast movement, in which flanking and pincer attacks are prominent, it’s not very helpful.

His tactical ability is better as it allows Gibraltar to put down a bubble shield that lasts for 15 seconds. It’s particularly helpful in blocking choke points and reviving allies. His ultimate ability calls in a mortar strike to bombard a single area. While this ability is useful, it’s not dissimilar to Bangalore’s ultimate, and she is arguably the better character overall.

And there you have it, the heroes of Apex Legends ranked from best to worst. If you’re more interested in the guns that these Legends wield, however, then our Apex Legends weapons guide may be just what you’re looking for. And don’t miss our Apex Legends tips guide for more general advice to help you survive. It’s worth repeating that playing any of these characters can work with right team and play style . Hopefully you are at least able to figure out which Legend works best for the type of player you are.

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