Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon is shut due to crashing issues

There's an Apex Legends Kings Canyon crash that's so bad Respawn has now temporarily shutting down the entire map to investigate the issue.

There's an Apex Legends Kings Canyon crash that's now got the game shut down

There’s an Apex Legends Kings Canyon crash problem going on right now, and it’s proving to be such an issue that developer Respawn is “temporarily disabling” the FPS game‘s original map – with no confirmation as yet on when it will return.

Apex Legends may be one of the best battle royale games on PC, but recently players have reported some major crashing issues with the game’s main map Kings Canyon. It’s not a small problem, either – it boots players from the map and the entire server seems to go down, with the message “server shutting down – internal server error”.

While Respawn hasn’t said what is causing the crashing issue, players have surmised that it seems to be connected to the Caustic Treatment area in the southern part of Kings Canyon. For whatever reason, sometimes when a player opens the special Gold Loot in the plant, it seems to overload the server and crash the game. Respawn added this area and reward to Apex Legends a year ago, so it’s unclear why it’s suddenly happening now.

The end result, at the time of writing, is that Respawn has confirmed that the team is “aware of an issue” and is “temporarily disabling Kings Canyon while we continue to work on a fix”.

You can check out the crash in action below.

Perhaps this is Caustic’s revenge for when Respawn nerfed him hard this time last year. He’s certainly not to be trusted.

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