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A new Apex Legends animation lets you throw away Mozambique in disgust

It's no Mozambique buff, but it is something

The whole internet hates Mozambique, the Apex Legends shotgun with a tiny clip and a constant spawn rate. It’s been the subject of memes and the source of many bad sessions in the battle royale, but Respawn says it’s all part of the power curve – and that “we love y’all’s ‘Bique memes.” Now those gags have seeped into the game itself.

Since the latest update, there’s a new animation whenever you trade a Mozambique for another weapon. Now, rather than simply drop the gun, players throw the weapon down on the ground in disgust. It wasn’t actually part of the latest patch notes on Reddit, but as Dexerto notes, it didn’t take long for players to catch on to the change.

The patch does introduce a new limited time event called the Legendary Hunt. This includes a new limited time elite queue for players who’ve placed in the top five, and the chance to earn a handful of new cosmetics. There are also new skins for battle pass owners, and you’ll get a full level’s worth of battle pass XP once per day when you get a top five placement.

You can see the new Mozambique toss below.

It’s always good to see a game character reflect your own frustrations.

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We’ll find out more about the Apex Legends Season 2 battle pass in just a few days at EA’s pre-E3 showcase, which promises plenty of new details on what’s coming to the game. After a successful launch, players are questioning the game’s long-term fortunes – but we’ll find out what Respawn has in mind very soon.