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Apex Legends’ Season 7 launch trailer shows off new Olympus map


Apex Legends‘ new launch trailer for Season 7 has dropped, and it’s given us our best look at the new Olympus map yet, alongside some other goodies. The trailer has a simple plot line that follows Pathfinder, Mirage, and Rampart as they snatch a ship and find themselves on Olympus.

The map is rendered in Respawn’s favoured cel-shaded style as it’s cinematic, but the vibe of it is very much there. While the Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps come with mayhem and Mad Max vibes, Olympus is much cleaner. It looks like a futuristic, high-end research facility that’s much brighter thanks to the white buildings and colourful flowers. It’s set in the sky, though, so do watch your step.

Alongside Olympus, we also got a look at the Trident, which you can use to ferry your teammates about when they inevitably get stuck out in the ring. There’s even more of Apex Legends’ new character Horizon, a Scottish astrophysicist with an interesting accent. Being from up north myself, it feels like hearing someone who is halfway between ma wee mam and a reporter on BBC Scotland.

You can catch the trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The Apex Legends Season 7 release date isn’t too far away now, but if you want to get clued up we have an Apex Legends Horizon guide, because why wouldn’t we?