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New Apex Legends: Defiance trailer shows off a wrecked Olympus

We also learn the identity of a mysterious man who appeared in Mad Maggie's reveal trailer

Apex Legends' Mad Maggie on Olympus

Apex Legends’ Olympus map is going to look pretty different next season. Following some teases, Respawn Entertainment has now shown off a new trailer that puts Olympus’s newly wrecked state front and centre.

The trailer starts with Mad Maggie being thrown from a dropship into the map for a typical battle royale game. After fleeing from one team, she soon stumbles across a mysterious figure below the surface, who you may recognise from Maggie’s reveal trailer. The man soon initiates a sequence on a terminal before sending the new tooth-spitting fighter back to the surface of Olympus. Things start to go wrong as the floating map then teleports to a new location before it begins to plummet from the sky. The floating mass of land soon stabilises to avoid smacking the floor below, though it’s not enough to stop everything from being tossed about the place.

The trailer also all but confirms that the mysterious man is Octane’s father, Eduardo Silva – the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. Maggie manages to swipe the mysterious man’s glasses before meeting with Octane later, who asks “papa?” when noticing the green spectacles.

You can catch the trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Alongside a revamped Olympus and Mad Maggie, Apex Legends is also getting a limited-time mode called Control for the first three weeks of Defiance. Essentially, it’s a nine-on-nine bout where you fight to control zones.

The Apex Legends season 12 release date is February 8, so you don’t have long to wait.