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Apex Legends patches fix Bloodhound challenges, tweak Arenas

Good news, Bloodhound fans - Respawn has fixed the bug affecting the legend's new prestige skin

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With Apex Legends Season 12 now in full swing, Respawn Entertainment has pushed out a couple of new patches that look to fix some hiccups that have popped up since Defiance’s arrival. Among a handful of bug fixes and other tweaks, the new updates make some changes to the battle royale game’s pricing in Arenas and fix some Bloodhound skin challenge bugs.

Last week, Respawn posted a tweet acknowledging a bug with the Bloodhound prestige skin which meant the “damage counter resets in some cases”. The devs said a fix was coming early this week, and noted that – in the meantime – they were “working on a make-good for lost progress”. Now, the bugfix has come, with Respawn’s patch addressing “Bloodhound’s Prestige Skin challenges resetting”. This should be a relief to those who have been trying to work their way through the higher tier challenges for the skin and then found their progress reset, making it a bit of an uphill battle.

Elsewhere, Respawn has fixed “certain Bloodhound stat trackers not working”, as well as “enabling the leaver penalty for Control”.

In a small follow-up update, the studio’s changed the pricing in Arenas – the game’s 3v3 Team Deathmatch mode – with these including weapons that use Hammerpoint rounds. The changes values are as follows, via Respawn on Twitter:

The two patches are now live, so you should find the Bloodhound prestige skin bugfix and new pricings in play next time you dive in.