Apex Legends season 14 bamboozles players with ability swaps

Apex Legends Season 14 has a major bug that's mixing up character abilities, meaning you may select Ash in the Legend select, but wind up with Loba's abilities

apex legends character abilities switched season 14 hunted bug ash robot woman with katana looks into camera

Apex Legends characters are the beating heart of Respawn’s battle royale game, with their unique abilities allowing you to form killer squads that pop heads in perfect synergy. Coming into Season 14, though, there’s a bug that’s swapping Legend abilities around, and it’s absolutely wild.

Apex Legends Season 14 ushers in new Legend, Vantage, as well as a plethora of changes to classic map, King’s Canyon. As players dive into the Outlands to take the eagle-eyed sniper and her adorable companion out for a spin, they’ll also have to contend with the fact that gold knockdown shields no longer have the self-res function – a mechanic that Respawn made popular.

Some players, however, would rather return to their tried and tested mains, waiting for the Vantage hype to die down before taking her for a spin. When doing so, they’ve noticed that something has changed; namely, their character’s abilities.

An all new Apex Legends Season 14 bug is shuffling character abilities around, leaving Legends with the toolkits of other characters, and it is absolute chaos.

apex legends character abilities switched season 14 hunted bug mirage punches camera

As you likely expected, this bug has gone viral – especially because it’s giving defensive legends like Newcastle the ability to zip around the map like a stealth master.

One clip shows a trio preparing to take to the skies using Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive, but instead of letting the feisty pilot lead the charge, defensive paragon Newcastle is in control. “Newcastle buff?” they write, clearly perplexed by what has just happened.

Another player shows off their “Ashloba” gameplay. The robotic killer’s portal mechanics have been replaced with Loba’s bracelet and Black Market emporium, allowing her to dart around with ease.

A final video shows one player playing Valkyrie, but with Mirage’s abilities. “First game of the season, off to a great start,” they joke as a clone of Valkyrie runs off into the sunset. Bamboozled? So are we.

Respawn are yet to respond to the issue, and while it’s definitely rather amusing it is clearly completely game breaking. Picking one Legend but being lumbered with the abilities of another will totally disrupt the flow of gameplay – especially if you don’t know how to use them correctly.

While we wait for this bug to be well and truly squashed, be sure to peruse our Apex Legends skins guide – as Ash, clearly, because Loba is no longer the Outlands’ resident high society thief.