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Apex Legends season 15 release date, new legend, and map details

Find out about everything about Apex Legends season 15, including when it happened, the season's new legend, map, heirloom, and more.

Catalyst, the new legend for Apex Legends season 15.

When was Apex Legends season 15? Apex Legends seasons come and go, bringing with them new Legends, new heirloom, new maps, and so much more. If you’re looking for a bit of information on seasons passed, then you’ve come to the right place, as we tell you about everything that happened in Apex Legends season 15.

Season 15 was the last season of 2022, and the last season of the year tends to be the most exciting. Like previous year end seasons before it, season 15 came with a brand-new map and a new Apex Legends Legend (try saying that three times fast), so it didn’t disappoint.

Season 15 release date

Apex Legends season 15, Eclipse, took place between Tuesday, November 1, 2022, and Tuesday, February 14, 2023. It was one of the longest Apex Legends seasons ever.

This season was jam-packed with great new content, including Catalyst, the game’s first transgender Legend. A new map, Broken Moon, became one of the biggest maps in Apex Legends, coming close in size to World’s Edge. And, as one of the main characters in the season 15 story, Seer’s heirloom set was released. Read on for more details on all of these.

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Season 15 legend – Catalyst

  • Passive – Barricade: Reinforce doors, strengthening them and locking them to enemies. Spaces where doors have been destroyed can also be reinforced.
  • Tactical – Piercing Strikes: Throw out a patch of ferrofluid which turns in to spikes when enemies are near. Catalyst remains immune to enemy spikes.
  • Ultimate – Dark Veil: Raise a permeable wall of ferrofluid. Enemies who walk through it will be slowed and partially blinded for a brief time.

Seer’s Heirloom

During the Spellbound event this season, Seer’s Showstoppers heirloom was released. The Grand Finale banner pose, and intro quip: “My heart beats stronger when each challenge I overcome,” were also included in the Legend’s heirloom set.

The beautiful Eternal Garden's POI from the Broken Moon map, released in Apex Legends season 15.

Season 15 map – Broken Moon

Originally leaked as ‘Divided Moon’, broken moon is a stunning map located on Cleo, a moon of Boreas. After a comet collided with the moon, it shattered the surface into pieces. Various natural events continued long after as well, including meteor showers and tidal irregularities.

Due to the impact of the comet and resultant terraforming project, commissioned by the Cleo Recovery Council, Broken Moon is split into unique areas with varying aesthetics, such as the stunning Eternal Gardens and the more industrial Perpetual Core.

That’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends season 15 release date. We highly recommend checking out our Apex Legends tier list to discover who the best characters are right now, and whether Catalyst is on that list. Speaking of the best, check out our Apex Legends weapons tier list to find out what guns you should pick up on the battlefield.