Apex Legends season 15 release date, new legend, and map details

Find out about everything coming to Apex Legends season 15 later this year, including information about the new legend, heirloom, and map

Apex Legends season 15 release date: Seer taunting his opponents as he walks with both arms raised

The Apex Legends season 15 release date is on the horizon, and it seems like it’ll be bringing a brand new legend, map, and heirloom with it. The battle royale game has been going from strength to strength as it continues to add more content each season. Loba’s Apex Legends heirloom looked set to launch with season 15, but we have confirmation that it’s heading to the Beast of Prey collection event instead. This means that there are seven legends that could receive an heirloom in the next big update.

The last season of the year tends to be the most exciting, with the previous three introducing a brand new map to the game. Judging by the datamined leaks we’ve seen, season 15 is going to continue this trend. Here’s everything we know about the latest season so far, including who the next legend is, where the new map is based, and much more.

Predicted season 15 release date

According to known leaker, Tom Henderson, Apex Legends season 15 is called Eclipse and will launch on November 1. As this date coincides with the end of the season 14 battle pass, it’s highly likely that season 15 will start around this time.

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The name Eclipse could give us a hint as to what we should expect from the latest season. In Seer’s Apex Legends character trailer, the narrator starts the video by saying, “a bad omen cast a dark shadow over Obi’s [Seer] birth,” which provokes imagery of an eclipse. This could suggest that Seer is going to be more involved with the game’s story, and the fact he doesn’t have an heirloom set yet lends more credence to that theory.

Apex Legends Season 15 battle pass

Twitter user SenosApex has leaked details of the upcoming season 15 battle pass, including items specifics highlighting every new coming to each legend. SenosApex notes that these items are subject to change, but right now it looks like the main legendary skin at the end of the pass is going to be for Ash. Speaking of robots, the other character set for a legendary skin is Revenant.

New Apex Legends season 15 legend

Taking the Eclipse name into account, as well as the datamined leaks, we believe the new legend is going to be Catalyst. There are some leaks which use this picture created by artist Yang J, but it appears this image is simply a placeholder piece to represent what the devs want the character to look like. This gothic-inspired witch could fall under the eclipse theme as a darker, mysterious looking legend.

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Don’t forget, all of this information is subject to change, but right now this is what we know about Catalyst’s abilities:

  • Passive – Reinforce: Standing near your ferro fluid structures, doors, and other Legends, placeables will strengthen their integrity and allow them to take significantly more damage.
  • Tactical – Ferro Shot: On impact, the shot creates a ramp of hardened ferro fluid that can be extended with more shots. Can also be used to create platforms on walls (Max three structures).
  • Ultimate – Iron Tower: Ferro fluid rises up from below, pushing you upwards while creating a tall solid column under you.

New map for season 15

The datamined leaks at the beginning of the year also included information about the new map in season 15: Divided Moon. Rumoured to be set on the moon of Boreas, this also ties in with the Eclipse theme once again. Apex Legends’ in-game comic book recently revealed Seer’s intentions to bring the Apex Games to Boreas to stimulate the local economy.

Divided Moon combines structural elements from Olympus and Storm Point, though it’s unclear whether these buildings will remain in the final version. The leaked Divided Moon footage features unfinished textures across most of the map, as does the overview of the map which is less detailed than usual. Dataminers Hypermyst and AG420 have released screenshots of the map with completed textures.

That’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends season 15 release date. We highly recommend checking out our Apex Legends tier list to discover who the best characters are. Speaking of the best, check out our Apex Legends weapons tier list to find out what guns you should pick up on the battlefield.