Apex Legends The Old Ways release time – the countdown has begun

Duos, Kings Canyon, and a whole lotta Bloodhound are on the way

The next big Apex Legends update is coming soon, and while it does make the usual addition of some cool limited-time content, the big news is the addition of some long-requested permanent modes. Now we’ve got one final trailer ahead of the update, so it’s time to start counting down to the Apex Legends The Old Ways release time.

The Old Ways start date is scheduled for April 7 across all platforms, and will last until April 21. Apex Legends updates almost always launch at 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT / 18:00 BST, so barring any technical challenges, you should expect the same release times for this update.

The event itself focuses on Bloodhound, and introduces a new town takeover for Bloodhound’s Trials, which will have you hunting down beasts in exchange for high-tier loot. You’ll be able to earn a new set of event-themed cosmetics through daily challenges, similar to the Grand Soiree and System Override prize tracks, and there’ll naturally be further paid cosmetics, too. You can preview the new stuff at the official site.

But the most notable additions are Duos and Kings Canyon, both of which are returning to Apex Legends permanently alongside the update.

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