Apex Legends’ Vantage is a survivor with a cute lil’ bat friend

The new Apex Legends Vantage trailer finally gives us our first official look at Vantage, set to debut in Apex Legends Hunted update

Respawn officially announced the newest Apex Legend legend, Vantage, following a recent Vantage leak during a teaser announcement and an even older leak that revealed Vantage’s entire kit. This time, though, the new legend has a proper full trailer outlining their backstory and introducing the battle royale’s newest season, Apex Legends Hunted. Hunted and Vantage are due out August 9, though Respawn is remaining silent about what to expect from Hunted, aside from the new season marking Vantage’s debut.

Vantage’s mother, a wrongfully convicted criminal, gave birth to her on the hostile, isolated ice planet of Págos, where Vantage and her adorable bat friend Echo quickly learned that survival by any means necessary was paramount. Vantage uses a sniper rifle and excels at gathering intel and always staying one step ahead of her opponents.

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Respawn hasn’t officially unveiled Vantage’s kit just yet, but previous leaks seem in line with what the developers showed in Vantage’s trailer. Her passive skill reveals the enemy legend’s shield, squad size, and distance to Vantage’s entire team when she aims down sights or targets an enemy while unarmed.

Echo accompanies Vantage on the battlefield, remaining within a set radius around her, and her tactical ability lets Vantage grapple toward Echo. Finally is Vantage’s ultimate, where she brings out a special sniper rifle that marks enemies. Marked enemies are counted as scanned for Vantage’s team and take additional damage from everyone. Vantage’s own rifles also deal more damage per hit.

If the trailer and kit leaks are anything to go by, it sounds like Vantage is shaping up to be an invaluable support legend for any team. How she fits with the best legends in Apex Legends in multiplayer matches remains to be seen, but equally intriguing is the prospect of playing support legends such as Vantage in Respawn’s rumored single-player Apex Legends game.