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New Apex Legends event mode makes headshots dead simple

The new Apex Legends event, Veiled, adds a new TDM mode to the battle royale called Deadeye, which removes helmets and shields so you can pop heads.

New Apex Legends event mode makes headshots dead simple: A blonde woman with a golden halo attached to black robotic armour stands with her weapon ready and an electrical charge on her back

Have you ever wondered what Apex Legends would be like without helmets and shields? Neither have I, I’m awful at battle royale games, but that’s what Veiled, the latest Collection Event, has in store.

Thrust into the match with a limited, rotating loadout, you’ll have to kill fifty players in order to take the crown – but be aware, you’ll have to evade bullets yourself, and given there’s no helmets heads are easily popped.

Officially entitled Deadeye, the mode is a chaotic spin on Revelry’s team deathmatch, meaning you’ll have five friends watching your back while you attempt to take down the enemy squad. You’ll spawn with one of three weapon loadouts:

  • Wingman and 30-30 Repeater
  • Hemlok and G7 Scout
  • Kraber and Sentinel

Personally, I’m hoping for the Scout. Why? It’s a lot higher up the Apex Legends weapon tier list than the 30-30 and Sentinel, and while the Kraber is strong, who doesn’t love a good Wingman (the weapon, not the real-life ones)? I also have a cool skin for it, so there’s that I suppose.

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There are 24 new cosmetics, too, featuring absolutely stunning looks for both Rampart (‘Soiree Away’) and Wattson. If you collect all 24, you’ll unlock Caustic’s prestige skin, aptly entitled ‘Apex Contagion.’ You can see it in the trailer above.

Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event: Dates

The Apex Legends Veiled Collection Event runs from April 25 to May 9, so you’ve got plenty of time to pick up all of the new looks.

If you’re looking to pop heads and take names in Deadeye, though, I’d suggest checking out our Apex Legends tier list to help you pick the best legend for the job. If your eyes are set on Apex Legends Season 17, though, we’ve got you covered.