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Subnautica meets Cities Skylines in this sunken city builder

Aquatico is an underwater city builder that's basically a Bioshock management game, or Subnautica meets Surviving Mars, and it's out later this year

Aquatico is an underwater city builder that's basically a Bioshock management game

There’s a new survival city-building game coming later this year, and the twist is that it’s basically a Bioshock management game. The Aquatico reveal trailer shows the game as a neat mix of Surviving Mars meets Subnautica, and seems like it also features survival and exploration elements too.

Aquatico is the new underwater city-management strategy game from Digital Reef and Overseer Games, the studio behind last year’s well-received medieval city builder Patron. According to Aquatico’s Steam page, it’s set in a far-flung future where the surface has become uninhabitable and we haven’t got the technology to colonise other planets yet – which is basically an excuse to create a submerged city.

Like in Surviving Mars, humans can’t survive outside the base, so it’s a matter of putting together an underwater city where the inhabitants can live and thrive, would you kindly. Build a city, gather resources, tend to your population’s needs, explore, and “overcome unique dangers that lurk in this incredible environment”, all with the help of drones, submarines, and Big Daddies – um, “mechanized underwater robots”.

You can check out the teaser trailer below, which certainly looks intriguing. There is some question about how Aquatico will differentiate itself from other city-building games, apart from the setting. With an estimated release date of Q3 2022, hopefully that will be answered in the next few months.

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In other city-building news, Surviving Mars is a train game now, apparently.

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