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Longstanding fantasy MMORPG is about to shut down after ten years

After ten years, fantasy MMORPG Archeage will shut down in just three weeks as dev is “no longer able to provide the game we envisioned.”

Longstanding fantasy MMORPG to shut down after ten years - A blonde-haired woman from free online game Archeage.

Competition among the best MMORPGs is tough. With giants such as Final Fantasy 14, World of Warcraft, and Black Desert Online continuing to rule the roost, it can be tough to establish and hold a base. That’s only further exacerbated by the fact that many players will commit to a single MMO and not have time for another. The latest casualty of this space is Archeage, which is set to shut down after ten years due to unsustainable player populations.

First launched in 2013 in Korea and Japan, Archeage made its way to the west in 2014. The free MMORPG was joined in 2019 by spin-off Archeage Unchained, a paid version of the game following the same content and update schedule but without the free-to-play monetization model. Developer XL Games announced server merges in September 2023 due to low server populations, which also saw the two versions of the game rolled together.

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Now, it’s set to close down altogether. “It is our mission to provide our players with great and enjoyable gaming experiences, so it is with heavy hearts that we announce the official closure of our ArcheAge servers, effective June 27, 2024,” XL Games writes. “We have concluded that we’re no longer able to provide the MMORPG we envisioned.

“The declining number of active players means the game’s content is no longer accessible in the way it used to be, and the experience of it is different from what was originally intended. In light of this, we’ve made the difficult decision to terminate the live service of ArcheAge in Europe and North America.”

Archeage player count comparison with rivals FF14, ESO, and BDO.

The game’s Steam player count paints a tough picture. While, like many MMORPGs, Archeage features a standalone launcher that likely holds a large percentage of its player base, its Steam players peaked at just 6,509 around launch, and since 2020 haven’t climbed out of the hundreds at most.

“We understand this news is disappointing, for it’s a feeling we share. ArcheAge has been a big part of our lives, and we know many of you have a history with the game many times longer than ours,” XL Games says. “We want to extend our deepest gratitude to every member of Nuia, Haranya, and the Pirates who called ArcheAge home. Your spirit and stories will forever be a part of the legacy we created together.”

If you do want to jump in and spend some time with Archeage before it closes forever, an ongoing Sunset event lets you try out everything easily. Top-tier equipment is available for free, along with growth materials. You’ll be given a faction change scroll once per week, experience and loot drops have been multiplied fivefold, and all marketplace items have been discounted by 80%.

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