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Realistic FPS rivaling Gray Zone Warfare and Tarkov launches new beta

While Gray Zone Warfare takes over Steam and Escape From Tarkov tries to fight back, a new tactical FPS game just launched a fresh beta.

Arena Breakout Infinite Steam beta: A player firing a rifle in FPS game Arena Breakout Infinite

For years, if you wanted a tactics-driven, realistic FPS game to play with friends, Escape From Tarkov was the obvious first choice. But the controversy around the Unheard Edition has dealt a blow to Battlestate and EFT’s reputation – a new contender, Gray Zone Warfare, has swiftly capitalized, accruing a sizable player base on Steam and increasingly strong reviews. But a third rival also has its eye on the tactical shooter throne. Taking on Tarkov and grappling with Gray Zone, this high-stakes FPS has just launched a new beta.

Arena Breakout: Infinite is a top-to-bottom, full reimagining of the mobile FPS game Arena Breakout. An extraction shooter and military simulation, it promises untold immersion, deep weapon customization, and robust anti-cheat measures. In the fictional island nation of Kamona, you and your multiplayer comrades drop into the ‘Dark Zone’ to locate loot and resources, and battle other players to escape with your gains alive. Guns are incredibly lethal, the HUD is minimal, and survival requires stealth, planning, and strategy. You can check out an extensive new gameplay trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The new Arena Breakout: Infinite beta includes two maps, ‘Valley’ and ‘Farm.’ While initial places have already been assigned, developer Morefun Studios says that extra slots will become available as the beta continues. You can sign up right here, and the Arena Breakout: Infinite closed beta begins on Wednesday May 8. While we’re still waiting on a firm release date, the shooter is scheduled to launch in 2024.

Tarkov, Gray Zone Warfare, and now Arena Breakout – we suddenly have a lot to choose from when it comes to tactical military-simulation-style shooters. In fact, there’s even a fourth contender, which attempts to balance realism with approachability, and has already run some very successful first playtests.

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