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New realistic FPS game leaps up Steam charts after huge playtest

Mixing Counter-Strike 2, Escape From Tarkov, and dashes of Rainbow Six Siege, a new, realistic FPS game is blowing up on Steam right now.

Exfil Steam FPS game playtest: Two soldiers from Steam FPS game Exfil

I’m so conflicted about FPS games and new shooters right now. On the one side, we have Counter-Strike 2 and Call of Duty, which are simple, swift, and largely committed to the basic joy of online battling, but don’t always lend themselves to the tension and spontaneous drama I would perhaps enjoy. On the other side, we have Escape From Tarkov, Rainbow Six Siege, Hell Let Loose, and harder military sims like Arma. I love the ostensible depth of these games, the heightened difficulty and the focus on tactics, but that can also make them hard to enjoy, especially if you’re playing them for the first time. There are great stories and moments to experience in the likes of Hunt Showdown, but make one move, or fail to find a group of comrades with whom you can easily cooperate, and you’ll find yourself dead, and waiting once again for the next round to start. A new FPS game, however, might be the solution. Attempting to find the middle ground between accessibility and realism, it’s already leaping up the Steam charts after a hugely successful first playtest.

This is Exfil, which if you’ve ever felt stranded between straightforward run-and-gunners and intimidatingly complex tactical shooters, could be the answer to your FPS game dreams. As it stands, four teams enter an open, explorable map and must attempt to find a chunk of intel before extracting with it safely. If you make it out with the prize, your team wins. Alternatively, you can claim victory by killing all of your opponents. Developer Misultin speaks exclusively to PCGamesN about finding a niche between realism and playability. In the meantime, the first Exfil playtest has proved a big success.

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10,000 players logged into Exfil between Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10, meeting the maximum capacity Misultin set for the shooter’s demo. Exfil earned more than 4,000 fresh Steam wishlists, and jumped 172 places on the most-wanted chart from 917 to 745. A new Exfil playtest is now planned for Monday, April 15, running a full seven days until Monday, April 22. If you want to get involved, you can find Exfil on Steam right here.

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