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New tactical FPS extends beta, already wishlisted one million times

Rival to Escape From Tarkov and The Division, a new tactical FPS game has topped one million Steam wishlists, as its beta gets an extension.

Arena Breakout Infinite beta extended: Three soldiers near a helicopter in Steam FPS game Arena Breakout Infinite

Escape From Tarkov, Gray Zone Warfare, Road to Vostok, Exfil – the realistic, tactical FPS world is booming right now, as slower-paced and more authentic alternatives to the likes of Counter-Strike 2 reach new levels of vogue. Another strategy and teamwork-driven shooter is also having huge success right now, topping one million Steam wishlists after a huge initial playtest – a playtest that’s just been extended.

Arena Breakout Infinite is an FPS game where a single bullet can kill you. Across a sprawling, pseudo open-world map, you compete with other players and AI enemies to capture specific areas, retrieve gear and material, and extract to safety. Strategy and teamwork are essential. The guns sound terrifying. The sweaty, slide-cancel tactics of Call of Duty are not possible here. Like Escape From Tarkov, Exfil, and Hunt: Showdown, you need to move slowly, pick your targets, and carefully plan your advance before going loud.

Due for a full release in 2024, the first Arena Breakout Infinite playtest launched on Wednesday May 8. The multiplayer game has now earned more than one million wishlists on Steam, and is now the 15th most-wanted game on Valve’s store, above even Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree.

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In response, access to the Arena Breakout Infinite closed beta has been extended. The full game, when it’s released, will be completely free to play. In the meantime, if you want to try the now-extended Arena Breakout Infinite beta, you can sign up right here.

Elsewhere in the tactical FPS world, Exfil is a new contender that wants to marry realism with a greater level of accessibility and ease of use. With a new playtest also on the horizon, we spoke exclusively with the shooter’s developers.

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