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Ultra-realistic tactical FPS and rival to Tarkov finally coming to PC

A super-realistic simulation FPS with hints of Escape From Tarkov and The Division is finally heading to Steam, and you can sign up to play.

Arena Breakout Infinite Steam FPS game: A group of soldiers crossing a field in Steam FPS game Arena Breakout Infinite

Blending Escape From Tarkov and The Division, and reminiscent of the upcoming Exfil, a hyper-realistic simulation FPS is making the move to Steam and PC. An extraction shooter where every bullet can be fatal and weapon customization is crucial, it’s already accumulated a devout player base, and will soon be available to try thanks to an upcoming beta, which you can sign up for right this second. If you like tension, tactics, and an extremely narrow line between life and death, this one’s for you.

Arena Breakout: Infinite is a highwire FPS game where the slightest tactical error can quickly get you killed. Already a success on mobile, Infinite is the expanded, visually overhauled PC adaptation of the existing Arena Breakout, which injects the frayed-nerve, extraction-based gameplay of Escape From Tarkov and The Division with an even greater sense of military realism. Your job is to infiltrate the ‘Dark Zone,’ retrieve whatever you can lay hands on, and extract. Only problem is, everyone else is trying to do the same, and they’re all ready for a shootout.

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With real-time lighting and 360 spatial sound effects, Arena Breakout: Infinite also allows for more than 500 weapon attachments and customizations, spread over 30 different slots on every gun. We’re still waiting on a full release date, but the first playtest for Arena Breakout: Infinite is slated for early May.

If you want to play it for yourself, you need to sign up ahead of time – just head right here and put down your name. You can also find and wishlist the shooter right now on Steam. Cerebral, intense, and driven by tactics rather than run-and-gun chaos, if you want a change from the likes of Call of Duty, Arena Breakout: Infinite could be the perfect option.

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