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Ark Survival Ascended is making its best dinosaur mods official

Divisive remaster Ark Survival Ascended is adding new dinosaurs by integrating the incredibly popular Ark Additions mods into the core game.

Ark Survival Ascended makes its best dinosaur mods official - The Ceratosaur, a chunky-skulled creature with bright pink spikes running down its skull and back.

Ark Survival Ascended is making some of its best fan-made dinosaur mods official, bringing several of the most popular dinos from the beloved Ark Additions mod series into the base game. The Unreal Engine 5 remaster continues to split player opinion, offering a dramatic visual upgrade but with the requirement to buy the survival game all over again, a host of performance struggles, and a need to wait for much of the best Ark DLC to be ported across.

Compensating for that slightly is the fact that many of the best Ark Survival Ascended mods have been quickly rolled over from the original Survival Evolved. Among those is the excellent Ark Additions series by ‘Garuga123,’ which introduces a range of additional dinosaurs and other creatures to the survival game. They’re so good, in fact, that developer Studio Wildcard announces it will be integrating several of the most popular picks into the base version of Ark Survival Ascended.

First up is the Ceratosaurus, an aggressive predator with venom-laced spines running down its head and back. It’s a vicious fighter with attacks that cause its victims to erupt in bursts of blood, and is also capable of unleashing healing bursts upon itself. Tame one, however, and you can employ that regenerative power to your own ends. You’ll also be the proud owner of one of the fastest mounts you can lay your hands on. You can see the Ceratosaurus in action in its modded form below, courtesy of ‘ClickTockClock.’

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“We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be bringing a taste of the popular Garuga123 mod Ark Additions directly into the base game,” Studio Wildcard says. “These creatures may see some tweaks along the way for balance and design, but one thing’s for sure: they are coming, and they are ready to shake things up.” While Garuga123’s mods are already incredibly widely used, making them official is a nice way to ensure some of the most well-liked creations for Ark are supported and balanced across the board for all players.

Studio Wildcard says it expects the Ceratosaurus to arrive in the core game by mid-May. It will be joined by at least one other pick landing at the same time, details on which are set to arrive next week. If you’re curious about diving in and a subscriber to PC Game Pass, you can now also play Ark Survival Ascended through the Microsoft game library via the Xbox app at no additional cost.

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