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Studio Wildcard approves 120 Ark Survival Ascended mods for crossplay

If you’re looking for Ark Survival Ascended mods to enhance your experience, developer Studio Wildcard approves 120 new mods for crossplay.

Ark Survival Ascended has faced a rather rocky launch, with the Unreal Engine 5 remake of the beloved dinosaur survival game impressing with its visuals and some of the improvements made by developer Studio Wildcard, but falling short for many players due to performance woes, crashes, and bugs. Despite its currently ‘mixed’ Steam user rating, however, things are starting to look up for Ark, and the developer now announces that it’s approved a whopping 120 mods for cross-platform play, meaning you’ll be able to use the community-made upgrades across all platforms.

The best Ark mods have always been a great way to expand upon your dinosaur adventures. Mods for the original Ark: Survival Evolved encompass everything from new and improved creatures to completely new maps and biomes, challenge modes, and even nods to other games. As such, we’ve been eagerly anticipating what Ark: Survival Ascended mods can bring to the UE5-powered remake of one of the best survival games on Steam.

“Exciting news,” Studio Wildcard says in its latest Ark community crunch, “We’re thrilled to share that we’ve given the green light to over 120 fantastic new mods for cross-platform play.” That’s certainly an impressive list, with all of them becoming available for crossplay on PC and Xbox, along with PlayStation when that version launches.

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Among these are many of the most popular mods, some of which have already racked up well over a million downloads each in the month since the launch of Ark: Survival Ascended. These include essential quality-of-life updates such as Automated Ark to eliminate some of your more mundane tasks, SuperSpyglass for quick and easy dinosaur analysis and stats, Utilities Plus to give you reusable versions of many handy tools, and the TG Stacking Mod enabling much higher inventory stacking to expand your carrying capacity.

There’s also all seven Additions Ascended mods, each of which brings one of the additional dinosaurs from the original game’s Ark Additions collection by ‘Garuga123,’ all of which are lovingly modeled and animated with their own taming encounters. These include the towering Brachiosaurus, the vicious Ceratosaurus, and the giant, turtle-like Archelon. There’s also the popular dwarven-themed map Svatalfheim by ‘Nekatus_Modding,’ a giant landscape with unique resources (including pure gold and mithril) and custom alpha dinosaur variants.

Ark Survival Ascended mods - Svartalfheim by Nekatus, a dwarven-themed map with unique dinosaurs and resources for the UE5 survival game remake.

The full list of approved cross-platform mods for Ark: Survival Ascended can be found here as part of the official Studio Wildcard blog. While PC players already have access to an even greater span of mods (with many being ported over from the original Ark), it’s nice to be able to use your favorites while playing on a cross-platform Ark server. The team adds, “There’s more to come in the next few days,” so hopefully we’ll see that number grow even larger soon.

If you’re planning to jump in, you’ll want to make sure to double-check the Ark Survival Ascended system requirements first. We’ve got everything you need to know about Ark Survival Ascended Steam Deck compatibility and the best settings if you’re looking to run it on Valve’s plucky handheld.

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