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Festive Ark: Survival Ascended event brings cheeky Grinch-themed dino

Ark: Survival Ascended's 'Pegomastax Grouch' introduces a festive game of cat-and-mouse that will see you chasing down the green menace.

The controversial dinosaur-taming remaster Ark: Survival Ascended has launched its seasonal holiday event, Winter Wonderland, and alongside its usual bounty of reskinned dinos, festive outfits and unique craftable recipes brings us a toothy, Santa-hat wearing take on Whoville’s own Grinch.

The Pegomastax Grouch is a holiday variant of the typical Ark: Survival Ascended Pegomastax, which can be found in its usual spawns throughout the world of one of this year’s more controversial survival games. But unlike the rest of the colorful dinosaurs seen wandering Ark’s jungles and wastes, this is more than just a reskin. If you have any presents on your person as you approach the Pegomastax Grouch, the festive fiend will steal one and begin to sprint away at pace. 

If you manage to track the same Grouch down, it’ll steal another and run off once again. Rinse and repeat and if it steals a third present, a heart will appear above its head and the bothersome pest will reward you with a bundle of several presents for your efforts. It’s a nice little mini-game, but considering how many other scaly beasts are running around trying to either steal from you or straight up kill you, for most it might not be worth the effort.

The Winter Wonderland event runs until January 7, 2024, and as always features Raptor Claus sailing across the sky dropping off presents filled with high-end loot, mistletoe and coal for those survivors spending the holidays hunting down beasts on one of Ark’s many servers.

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