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Aberration, Ark: Survival Evolved’s radioactive expansion, is now due on December 12


Update November 23, 2017: Aberration has been given a new release date.

Aberration is the latest expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved, and adds radioactive mutants to the original’s dinosaur menagerie. It was originally slated to release in October, but if you’re a fan of the game, you’ll have noticed that it isn’t out yet. Its new release date is December 12.

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You can learn more atthe expansion’s page on Steam, which has been updated with the new release date. If you like what you see, the base game is discounted by 50% in the Steam Autumn sale, and is now available for £24.99 ($29.99). That’s how much itusedto cost when it was in Early Access, but after more than two years it finally got its full launch at the end of August, when we reviewed it.

For more on Aberration, check out the original announcement below.

Original story September 1, 2017:Not content to rest on their laurels after Ark: Survival Evolved’s full launchjust three days ago, developers Studio Wildcard have announced the game’s next major expansion pack: Aberration.

Aberration sends adventurers to a brand new ARK where things are going wrong – maintenance systems are faulty and the internal atmosphere has leaked away, creating a harsh, radioactive environment.

New mutated creatures for you to tame can be found on the surface and in the underground biomes – the camouflaging, chameleon-like Rock Drake can clamber up walls or glide through the air, while the bioluminescent Lantern Pug keeps the dark away. And if you’re good enough to master one, the vile Nameless Queen can impregnate enemies with a reproductive chest-burster – gross.

There are new craftable items as well, such as wingsuits, ziplines, hazmat outfits, and more. You’ll need them to survive the hazards of the malfunctioning ARK, which include earthquakes and gas and radiation leaks.

This is what the recent countdown was teasing, so that’s one mystery solved, at least. Aberration launches on Steam in October this year. If you’re wondering whether to jump in now that the base game is finally out of Early Access, you can check out Phil’sreview here.