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Armikrog has a release date and a new trailer to get you up to speed

Armikrog release date

Armikrog, Pencil Test Studio’s claymation adventure, has been slapped with a release date. It’s been about a year since the original release date passed us by, but when games funded through Kickstarter aren’t delayed for a year, we’ll all be ice-skating in Hell. It’s now due out in August, and you can get up to speed on what to expect by directing your lovely eyeballs towards the trailer below, narrated by blind, alien dog thing, Beak-Beak.

Our Rob had a chat with Pencil Test’s Ed Schofield last month, where he talked about getting from The Neverhood to Armikrog.

“There’s a magical thing that happens when you take an inanimate object like a puppet or clay and make it come alive through animation. To us, moving and photographing a character 30 times for one second of animation isn’t tedious–it’s this incredible process of bringing an object to life, giving it attitude and personality. It’s this experience that drives us to continue to animate and create–and we hope that this passion shows through in our work.”

Tommynaut and Beak-Beak will be attempting to save their planet and brave the dangers of an alien world in Armikrog on August 18th.