Armored Core 6 mechs have enormous parts

Armored Core 6 mechs are very mechanically endowed, as the robot shooter from Elden Ring, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne maker FromSoftware nears launch.

Armored Core 6 endings: artwork of an Armored Core.

Armored Core 6 mechs are certainly packing heat. They’re large. They’re hefty. They’ve got big parts, if you know what I’m saying. A new look at Armored Core 6 gameplay reveals that the FromSoftware robot game comes complete with some extremely chunky weaponry, including a mysteriously and curiously named missile launcher called ‘Soup.’ We can also see some new company names, and how the big ol’ bots are going to look when they’re fully outfitted with the new AC6 arsenal. If you were already anticipating the Dark Souls, Elden Ring, and Bloodborne successor, and the Armored Core 6 release date, I’d say we’ve got several more reasons now to be excited.

So, we’ve heard a lot about Armored Core 6 multiplayer and the Armored Core 6 story, but when it comes to details and intricacies of the mechs, and how exactly you can customize them, new details are still rolling out. Some fresh imagery, however, from a recent AC6 reveal suggest some seriously impressive – and almost comically large – guns and gear.

Take a look at the BC-5001, also known as the ‘Soup.’ This gigantic missile launcher fires a barrage of projectiles that momentarily hang in the air before descending on a target, allowing you to circle strafe and surround an enemy single-handedly.

Armored Core 6 mechs: A huge robotic weapon on the back of a mech in FromSoftware robot game Armored Core 6

I’d like to think it’s called Soup because it a) creates a kind of encompassing soup of missiles and b) transforms your targets into soup. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to yelling ‘how about some soup?!’ every time I’m about to let this one fly.

Remaining on the theme of comically oversized guns, we’ve also got a glimpse of another missile launcher called ‘Delivery Boy.’ While not as big as Soup (there’s a sentence I didn’t expect to type today) it contains a gigantic amount of compact explosives which you can use to carpet bomb your surrounding environment.

Armored Core 6 mechs: A giant missile launch on the back of a robot in FromSoftware robot game Armored Core 6

I’m also reminded of the tall, wobbly stacks of crates and boxes that Death Stranding’s Sam Porter Bridges carries around on his back – maybe that’s why it’s called Delivery Boy.’

Revealed as part of an IGN showcase, and captured by Reddit user ‘Double-Magician,’ these new weapons also hint at some new AC6 companies, including ‘ALLMIND’ and ‘Elcano.’ You can see more in the video below.

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