Armored Core 6 gets new gameplay, but you’re not allowed to see it

A secret Armored Core 6 event has taken place in LA, with only influencers getting an invite to see unrevealed gameplay for FromSoftware's mechanized adventure.

A huge gunmetal gray mechanical creature with red eyes standing up

A secret Armored Core 6 event has taken place in Los Angeles, allowing select influencers to catch a glimpse of what the upcoming action-adventure game has in store. Given how rare snapshots into Armored Core 6‘s mechanized world are, I’m very, very jealous.

Taking place on (or around) July 7, the secret LA event looks amazing. There’s a fully sculpted arena complete with neon red lights and hanging chains, a door that opens and closes with ‘authorized pilots only’ scrawled across it, and huge screens showing off swathes of new gameplay.

The star-studded roster of influencers includes the likes of Elden Ring icon Brandon ‘OroboroTV’ and Sony Santa Monica writer turned Game Awards hostess Alanah Pearce. Described as “looking incredible” and having “a lot of speed,” focal points include the size and scale of bosses, and the fluidity of the game’s movement mechanics.

Of course, this is a FromSoftware game, so it’s not going to be easy. Jay ‘JayShockblast’ Jason claims that he’ll “die in the loading screen;’ that’s how difficult Armored Core 6 looks. If you’re a FromSoft fan who loves themselves that soulslike grind, AC6 is shaping up to be the one for you.

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While this event is cool, it has sparked some discussion around the game’s lack of public-facing footage. So far we’ve not seen much of FromSoftware’s new adventure, and that’s slightly concerning.

“I do not understand FromSoft’s hesitance to just show us the gameplay,” writes one fan on a dedicated Reddit thread. “Like surely a trailer will drum up more hype than some random dudes on YouTube giving second-hand recounts of what they saw.” Another echoes “I am definitely worried about the game now due to a combination of reasons. The nonsensical marketing is only one of those.”

As someone who’s new to Armored Core but has a slightly bizarre interest in it (I am not really a soulslike or a mech person), I do wish I could see a little more of the game ahead of the Armored Core 6 release date. While FromSoft is likely just playing its cards close to its chest given its prowess, 2023 has been the year of messy launches (Redfall and Forspoken to name just two) so the fear that the game isn’t quite finished is real and, in many ways, understandable.

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