Discovery Tour comes to Assassin’s Creed Origins next week

Assassin's Creed Origins Discovery Tour

Ubisoft’s eagerly anticipated Discovery Tour for Assassin’s Creed Origins will be available from next week, according to the developers.

Can videogames teach history? Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Discovery Tour proves it can.

A Q&A with Ubisoft revealed Discovery Tour by Assassin’s Creed: Ancient Egypt will be available from February 20th as a free update for Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Discovery Tour is an open-world museum mode that teaches you Egyptian history, complete with guided tours curated by historians and Egyptologists.

The special mode focuses on exploration and allows you to roam freely around Egypt without fear of combat or gameplay restrictions. However, main game features such as horseback riding, parkour, and sailing will still be available. Photo mode will also be available, though “photos taken in the main game won’t be visible in the Discovery Tour and vice versa.”

The developers also revealed that Discovery Tour features 75 guided tours curated by experts tied to five themes, which are as follows:

  • Egypt: the land of Egypt, geography, and wildlife.
  • Pyramids: the most iconic landmarks of Egypt.
  • Alexandria: explaining the Greek influence that started with Alexander the Great.
  • Daily Life: information about the people and not only the monuments.
  • Romans: a few tours about the growing influence of Rome at the time of the game.

The tours can take anywhere between five and 25 minutes to complete, with 25 avatars to choose from.

Though rewards cannot be earned from Discovery Tour, your progress will be tracked and Steam achievements can be earned for completing tours.

The Discovery Tour will be added as a free update to Assassin’s Creed Origins. However, those who don’t own the base game will be able to buy the Discovery Tour separately on Uplay and Steam for $19.99.