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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s 20GB patch adds tombs, new skills, and a late Halloween

Assassin's Creed Valhalla title update 1.4.0 brings a bunch of spooky additions just in time(?) for Halloween

Eivor explores one of the Tombs of the Fallen in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

It’s November, which means it’s time for spooky in-game events – wait, no, that was last month. Either way, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is getting in the Halloween spirit with a bunch of spooky additions for title update 1.4.0, which will be another big download for us on PC. After downing those GBs, we’ll have access to Tombs of the Fallen, a handful of new skills, and the Oskoreia Festival.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla title update 1.4.0 launches on Tuesday, November 9 at 4am PST / 7am EST / 12pm GMT. It’ll be a 20.31GB download on PC – it’s similarly sized on Xbox consoles, but quite a bit smaller on the PlayStation boxes, for reasons that are surely mysterious and spooky.

The Tombs of the Fallen, which previously leaked thanks to an early trophy update, are the big additions this time around. These are four puzzle-focused challenges that you’ll find scattered across England, and will be accessible as long as you’ve unlocked the settlement in the main storyline.

This update also sets the stage for the Oskoreia Festival, which starts on November 11 and runs through December 2. This’ll bring us some new activities like horseback riding and “a tournament against spirits”, with “spooky rewards” to unlock. Oskoreia refers to Scandinavian beliefs around the Wild Hunt, which is common throughout European folklore. (You, fellow PC gamer, probably know it from The Witcher.)

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There’s some speculation (Wikipedia is there if you really want to follow this tangent) that beliefs about bearded Wotan, usually known to modern readers as Odin, leading the Wild Hunt is what led us to the modern tradition of Santa Claus, so hey, maybe it’s appropriate that this Valhalla patch is landing halfway to Christmas. (But come on, it’s totally a late Halloween event.)

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As usual for these big title updates, you’ll get a trio of new skills to unlock, too. Perfect Parry will let you deal bonus damage if you time your defence especially well, Master Counter Roll will add a hidden blade strike to those dodges, and Improved Bow Stun Finisher will let you shoot arrows at every stunned enemy in view when you use that finishing ability. And, of course, there are bug fixes, which you can see at the official site.

Ubisoft has also provided an updated roadmap alongside these patch notes, but the only notable addition is title update 1.4.1 coming sometime in December. It looks like it’ll bring snow to your settlement, but that’s all we know so far. The roadmap doesn’t address the upcoming DLC, which according to datamines is likely to be called Dawn of Ragnarok.

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