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Boost your RAM with Asus BIOS update for Intel and AMD motherboards

Intel 700 and 600 series boards, as well as the AMD AM5 boards, are all now capable of upping RAM capacity to 256GB, if you need that much.

An Asus 790 Hero motherboard flanked by four sticks of DDR5 RAM

How much memory is too much? Well, if you fancy adding up to 256GB of DDR5 RAM to your gaming PC, some Asus Intel and AMD motherboards can get the job done. A new BIOS update has enabled support, but not everyone will need to download it.

When we look at some of the best gaming motherboards, quality RAM support is a must, and this update from Asus brings many of its boards into contention.

An image of an Asus motherboard advertising that 256GB DDR5 RAM support is available

This BIOS update applies to any Asus Intel 600 or 700 series boards and the AMD AM5 boards. The update will need to be manually downloaded from the Asus support page and patched into Intel boards while no such action is required for the AMD AM5 products.

In total, this update is available for 64 Intel 700 series boards, 20 Intel 600 series boards, and 60 AMD AM5 boards across the ROG, TUF, Prime, and Pro models. Not all of these products will have the four DIMM slots required to increase your DDR5 RAM up to the new 256GB capacity, but 128GB support is there for boards with just two DIMM slots.

For Intel boards, the BIOS version also varies depending on which board you have, so be sure to know your model before heading to the support page to download the update.

Asus isn’t the first to unlock this support, with Gigabyte enabling this very same support back in December 2023, while MSI was a little later to the party, going live with its update last month.

We expect to see more support roll out for 64GB DDR5 modules soon, with support previously only available via high-end desktops and server platforms.

If you’re keen to invest in a gaming rig with or without 256GB of RAM, we can show you how to build a gaming PC, taking you step-by-step through the process.