Asus just gave you another reason to buy an OLED gaming monitor

With an updated warranty that now covers screen burn-in, Asus has stepped up to the plate when it comes to covering a key OLED display concern.

asus oled monitor burn in warranty

One of the biggest ongoing reasons why OLED gaming monitors have yet to really take off – outside of them being expensive – is that buyers quite rightly still have major concerns about OLED burn-in. However, while it can’t entirely fix the issue, Asus has reduced the concern for buyers of its latest displays by offering a two-year warranty that includes damage to the screen from burn-in.

The Asus OLED burn-in warranty update covers the likes of the company’s upcoming PG34WCDM and PG32UCDM gaming monitors that it announced at CES 2024, and it means buyers can be safe in the knowledge that any problem with the display via normal use will now be covered within this period.

Previously, many OLED displays from various manufacturers have not been covered for burn-in problems, which considering the tech is so prone to the issue, is a very strong reason to not opt for the panel type. That’s particularly true for buyers of OLED gaming monitors, including the likes of the LG 27GR95QE, rather than OLED TVs, as monitors tend to be used a lot more to show static high-brightness images, which are the most likely situations to cause burn in.

Scenarios where you have open document windows with bright white backgrounds, permanent icons on a taskbar, or in-game HUDs, are all really bad for OLED screens. If left unchecked, these elements will cause permanent marks to be left on the screen, as shown in the image below from Tom’s Guide.

alienware oled monitor burn in

For two straight years, though, you’ll be able to rest easy when buying a new Asus screen, though you’ll have to be a bit more careful once that two-year warranty period is up. Moreover, while two years of cover is somewhat reassuring, it isn’t a particularly long time in the life cycle of a gaming monitor. LCD monitors can last for decades and, as they’re such expensive purchases, we’d hope OLED gaming monitors last as long.

Still, this latest warranty update from Asus is a step in the right direction and brings the company’s offerings into line with several key competitors.

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