Asus teases new ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop

We may be in line for a new member of the ROG Zephyrus family ahead of CES, but where can these Asus gaming laptops go next?

Asus ROG Zepharus tease

The holiday season is upon us and the impending arrival of CES sparks rumors and whispers aplenty. Luckily, Asus ROG decided to drop a tease, suggesting that a new entry in the line of Zephyrus gaming laptops is on the way right before CES begins.

Like when game rumors riot right before Summer Games Fest, CES is just as attractive for exciting new tech reveals, but they can often slip out before the event takes place. Asus has gotten ahead of any leaks by releasing a teaser for what appears to be a new line of 2024 ROG Zephyrus Asus gaming laptops.

While the teaser itself doesn’t offer anything to really deep dive on, at least concerning the specs of the new Zephyrus line, it does give us a date and time of when we can expect to hear more. The short teaser finishes with January 8, 3 pm PST flashed on screen meaning we can expect to hear more the day before CES officially begins.

While the most recent Zephyrus G and M lines were released in 2023, we could already be set for a major refresh that looks to bring a whole new look to the G gaming laptops, while setting a new bar for performance.

According to the Asus site, the ROG Zephyrus M16 is the most popular model with its Intel Core i9 13900H and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 configuration. This is closely followed by the G14 in its AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 setup.

Both lines feature the ROG Nebula Display and have a native resolution of 2560×1600, with a refresh rate of 165Hz. Because of how these two gaming laptops are configured, it’s hard to see where Asus ROG will go next, and this is why the tease of an announcement is all the more exciting.

There’s very little left to do in the gaming laptop market with the current technology, and while I don’t believe Asus is about to innovate in a market-shifting manner, I am excited to see what’s next from a well-established brand in the industry.

Asus Sephyrus tease tweet

We’ll keep you up to date with all the news surrounding CES, but in the meantime, why not give your hardware an upgrade this holiday season, check out our guide to the best graphics card and treat yourself to an upgrade.