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New ROG gaming mouse is super light, but it’s still got the power

Asus ROG looks to shake up the market with the Keris II Ace and its 54g ultra-light design, AimPoint Pro optical sensor, and 42K DPI.

Asus ROG Keris II Ace gaming mouse

Asus ROG is fully onboard with the trend of light gaming mice and the Keris II Ace takes this to the extreme, weighing in at just 54g. While it won’t be the lightest wireless mouse on the market, the performance it can bring might just make it the most well-rounded.

So many mice are vying for the title of best wireless gaming mouse, but they are often pulling from the same source of inspiration to achieve this. Asus ROG, like other brands before it, has consulted with esports professionals to create a mouse that pro players would use.

The ROG Keris II Ace is incredibly light at 54g, as already mentioned, but where it will make an impact is how much it can fit into such a light frame. Surely sacrifices or compromises will need to be made to obtain esports-level performance, right?

Well, we won’t know that for sure until we get our hands on one, but on paper, the ROG Keris II Ace seems like it could be a very strong option when it releases in Q2 2024.

Asus’ proprietary AimPoint Pro is a 42K DPI optical sensor that is on the high-end when it comes to potential sensitivity but it pairs this with optical micro switches, to ensure that the Keris II Ace will be incredibly responsive. It can also go up to 8KHz polling when wired, and 4KHz when wireless. Razer already has the market cornered when it comes to high wireless polling rates, but it’s great to see other brands attempt to catch up so soon.

Everything about the ROG Keris II Ace is driven toward speed and accuracy, so it’s no surprise to see anti-slip grip tape feature so you don’t make any mistakes in clutch moments.

Onboard controls also mean that you won’t need to download any software to use the ROG Keris II Ace, but if you want to customize your experience, I’m sure it’ll be necessary. Like many other mice, tri-connectivity is in play with wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless options available.

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